Have you tried to start a new habit and after a few days, the newness wears off and you forget to do it? It’s not that you don’t want to do it, but you just forget about it. What you need is a reminder that is with you all the time. You know the “string around the finger” concept.

Recharge Me Reminder

Daily Reminders

As we are working to recharge our mojo, we need a reminder that we are focusing on our goals. I know how easy it is to give up when you’ve gotten off track.

Just like this Recharge Me series. What was I thinking starting a series as I’m heading off to the Mom 2.0 conference? Not real brilliant on my part, but I was anxious to get started. I lost my way for a few days, but I’m back on track. I will get 30 days in even if it takes me 2 months.

So, back to the daily reminder. I like to use a bracelet as my daily reminder, preferably one of the rubber ones that can be worn when you are showering because once I take it off, it may never go back on. I’m going to find one with my reminder words on it (or make one.)

Be The Change

I like to use the quote, “Be The Change” which is the shortened version of, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I wrote that in silver on my Nike FuelBand (until I make or order another) as my constant reminder to be the change I want. If I want to be stronger, be stronger. If I want to be happier, be happier. If I want to be more successful, be more successful. You get the picture.

Be the change you want to see in the world #RechargeME

So, find a way to keep your goal in front of you wherever you are and let me know in the comments what you are doing.