Get A Professional Massage At Home Everyday!

MyoBuddy Professional Massager for a professional massage at home.

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Have you ever had a tough workout where you woke up the next day sore everywhere? Or a tough day at work and you think a massage would be so nice? But who can have a massage therapist waiting to give them a professional massage at home every day? I have the answer for you. The MyoBuddy Professional Deep Tissue Massager.

MyoBuddy Professional Massager for a professional massage at home.


Professional Massage At Home

I’ll admit, I was a bit weary at first because I had concerns that I could use the MyoBuddy properly and feel like I was getting a professional massage. But the MyoBuddy website has video instructions on for every large muscle in your body.

video instructions for the MyoBuddy Professional Massager

Screenshot from the MyoBuddy website

You click on the muscle group in the body that hurts and go to a page with video instructions on how to massage that particular muscle. Those videos made the MyoBuddy AWESOME. Without the videos, I could have figured out how to do some simple massages, but I wouldn’t have been able to tailor the massage for the muscle that hurts.

MyoBuddy Professional Massager


MyoBuddy Professional Massager

The MyoBuddy can be used for many things:

  • Before your workout
  • After your workout
  • Stress reliever
  • Help with insomnia (helped me to relax)
  • Anytime you have minor aches and pains. (See a doctor for major aches and pains.)

It comes with two pads (bonnets). The white one is for a regular massage and the blue one is to be used with lotion. I never used the blue bonnet, but I did use the other one a LOT.

Two pads for the MyoBuddy professional massager

It comes with a long 13-foot cord. That way you don’t have to be really close to a plug. It’s easy to get all the muscles without the cord getting in the way.

13-foot cord on the MyoBuddy Professional Massager

Getting a professional massage at home is as easy as plugging in the MyoBuddy, turning it on and massaging the minor aches and pains away.


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There are three different speeds and the MyoBuddy heats up so you get a warm massage with the perfect level of spinning for you.

MyoBuddy box

This is the same professional massager that professional sports therapists use with their patients. You can get the same professional massage at home every day.

white bonnet

I used the MyoBuddy on my shoulder when I was having issues with my shoulder muscle tensing up. I was getting horrible headaches and it hurt down my arm.

Using the MyoBuddy felt so good and helped me get to sleep because it would relax my neck and shoulder. My shoulder problems were due to stress and would keep me awake at night.

Do you have any questions about the MyoBuddy? What aches and pains do you have that would benefit from the MyoBuddy? Would you love to have a professional massage at home every night?

You can purchase the MyoBuddy on their website or on Amazon (affiliate link).

Let me know what you thought!!

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