Power Rangers Samurai

Power Rangers Samurai (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you have boys, then I’m sure you have seen Power Rangers. Power Rangers is back for a 19th season with an all new series, Power Rangers Samurai on Nickelodeon (moved from Disney). My son is excited about the new series, but I’m excited about the new emPOWER movement launched along with the TV show. Before I get to the emPOWER movement, let’s talk about the show.

Power Rangers Samurai, the Show

Nicky, my 7 yr old son and I watched Power Rangers Samurai last night and in true Power Rangers form it provided bad guys, good guys, megazords, a problem and a solution. I’ve been watching Power Rangers for over 10 years with my boys and it never gets old. I like that the Power Rangers do not just go off and fight everyone for any reason. It’s just the bad guys and they also work as a team. They learn to control their anger and they take care of themselves.

There are both male and female Power Rangers which pleases my 2 youngest kids. They are 6 (girl) and 7 (son) and they play Power Rangers together. Usually fighting evil to save the house from the big bad monster. After the show was over, I asked Nicky what he thought of the show and he replied, “It’s AWESOME!” I guess he liked it! His favorite line was when the bad montster called the green Power Ranger a “Broccoli colored bum.”

emPOWER Movement

The emPOWER movement was launched with the TV show to give parents the tools to help their kid live healthier lives. This is something that we have been working very hard at in our family….being healthy. I definitely could use all the help I can get.

The Power Rangers emPOWER website has some really cool tools that I know my kids are going understand. I particularly like the Knowledge Center healthy eating chart that you can download. I printed it out and put it on our fridge. It’s a great tool to help kids (and parents) understand why we need to eat certain foods. The site also includes daily fitness tips and videos of the Power Rangers giving ideas for fun ways to be healthy.

The emPOWER Movement encourages kids, schools and communities to share the Power Rangers values with others:

  • Standing for What’s Right
  • Teamwork and Cooperation
  • Confidence
  • Health and Physical Fitness
  • Caring and Friendship

And you can nominate your child to be the Ranger of the Week on the Power Ranger’s emPOWER Facebook page. Upload a picture and tell why you think your child should be Ranger of the Week.

You can watch Power Rangers Samurai on Nickelodeon every Sunday at Noon (ET).

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post. I am eligible for the drawing to win one of ten gift cards (five x $50, five x $25) or a Power Prize Pack for kids because of this post. I learned about the show from One2One Network, but I chose to write it because I wanted to!