Personal Trainer Food Weight Loss Journey Week 1

Personal Trainer Food weight loss plan

This is a sponsored post.

This year has been the year of cleaning up my diet. I know that the food I put in my mouth (and feed my family) makes a huge difference in how I feel and perform on a daily basis. But, it’s so much easier to buy ready-made meals and fast food. Then I found out about Personal Trainer Food.

Personal Trainer Food box delivered to my home. #PersonalTrainerFood

What is Personal Trainer Food?

So glad you asked. Personal Trainer Food is a weight loss diet you follow. You place an order on the Personal Trainer Food website and the meals show up in a box like the one shown in the photo above.

I received the 3 meals/day for 28 days plan for this review. I received one breakfast, one lunch and one dinner for 28 days. That means I do not need to figure out what I’m going to eat for the next 28 days. How awesome is that?

  • Breakfast consists of eggs and a meat (sausage or bacon)
  • Lunch is a meat and veggie
  • Dinner is a meat and veggie

When you are placing your order, you can order the meals that you like, so you are always eating food that you enjoy eating.

Personal Trainer Food for 28 days (3 meals/day)

This is everything I received in the box. (Ignore the Nutrisystem food. I will be comparing the Nutrisystem food to the Personal Trainer Food in a future post.)

Personal Trainer Food Goals

My goal for the 28 days is to teach my body the proper portion size of food. Even if I eat good food, I will eat way too much of it. I’m hoping to lose 8 lbs in 28 days.

You can eat just the food on the plan or supplement it with other foods. You receive a booklet that gives you all the information about what you are allowed to eat (even if you eat at a restaurant.)

Personal Trainer Food weight loss plan

Another side effect of the plan? I had to clean out my freezer to make room for all the frozen meals I received. Here is my freezer fully stocked for the next 28 days.

Personal Trainer Food for 28 days (3 meals/day)

Next week, I’ll tell you how the food tastes, compare it to Nutrisystem food and share my first-week results with you.

Find out more about Personal Trainer Food at their website.

Disclosure: This is a Personal Trainer Food sponsored post. I received 28 days of food (3 meals/day) in exchange for these posts. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own. 

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