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FRS Offers Moms A New Health Package, Tired of Being Tired

Moms are always tired, aren’t we? FRS recognized that Moms, like athletes, sometimes need an energy boost. FRS created a new health package for moms. Tired of Being Tired Advertisements

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skullcandy fix in-ear buds headphones for running
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Headphones For Running; Skullcandy FIX Earbuds

I have had a hard time finding  headphones for running because most just keep falling out of my ears. I want to take off running and not have to keep pushing my earbuds back in my ear. I didn’t think it was possible, but the Skullycandy FIX earbuds DO stay in my ears when I’m running. Skullcandy Sound Not only are the Skullcandy earbuds the best headphones for running, but they also sound really good. I…

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Phix natural energy mix flavors
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Phix Natural Energy Mix Review

Phix Natural Energy Mix is a blend of green tea, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in a powder form which you add to water, shake and drink. I received the Energy formula in the flavors Citron, Tropic and Teaberry. Citron has a lemon tea flavor Tropic is a blend of berry, pineapple & Guava. Teaberry is a mixed berry tea. I tried all three flavors and the Teaberry was my favorite. I did not care for…

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Tech Gift Guide for all 2011
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Tech Gift Guide for Moms, Bloggers, Grandparents & Many More

We all have at least one techie in our lives. For me, being a techie means everything I do has a “tech angle,” whether it’s blogging, working out, reading or cooking. When I figure out the tech angle for something, then it’s interesting. For example, running…I hated running until I discovered that Nike had an app and I could track my progress. Now I’m a runner and finished a half marathon this year. I digress…….

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Gamers Holiday tech gift guide
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Gamers Tech Gift Guide

If you are looking for a gift for a gamer, here my picks for the Gamers Tech Gift Guide. At the end of this post are all the affiliate links, just click on the small picture of the item you are going to buy and I’ll get a little back from Amazon. Gamers Holiday Gift Guide Do you have a gift that you would give to a gamer (or would like to get as a…

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