New Balance Sports Earbuds

As you can see in the picture below. The New Balance Sports Earbuds have both the earbuds and earhooks. The earhooks pull off if you do not want to use them. The earbuds plug into the heart rate monitor and pedometer. The large button on the monitor is where you put your thumb to test your heart rate. The monitor then plugs into your iPod or MP3 player. The New Balance unit also comes with 2 other sizes of in-ear cushions. I didn’t find the earbuds very comfortable, so I was glad that I could swap the earbuds out for my own. (It has taken me 3 years to find a pair I like. It seems I have very small ears which is why most don’t work for me.)

Heart Rate Monitor

My favorite part is the heart rate monitor. I have never monitored my heart rate during a run. I had to stop and walk while testing my heart rate or it wouldn’t read anything. It is interesting to see the heart rate graph after I upload all my information to the Heart Pal software.

Audio Feedback Helpful

Another really helpful feature is the audio feedback. I was getting my calories burned, steps taken and heart rate announced via voice-over while I was running and listening to music.

The New Balance Sports Earbuds comes with the Heartpal Data Graphing software for Windows (download the Mac version.) It was easy to install and my information uploaded quickly and without any problems. Since I’ve only run 6 times in the last 2 weeks, there isn’t a lot of data there. I’m anxious to see patterns after using it for a few more months.

As you can see in the picture above, I clipped the heart rate monitor to my t-shirt on the opposite side of the wires for the earbuds. That kept the wires from getting tangled.

In the end, the information that I’m getting from the heart rate monitor outweighs any problems I had with the cords. I did find it very interesting to see how many steps I took while I was running and comparing it to previous runs. The more I use it, the more useful all the data will become.

The New Balance 2-in-1 sports earbuds/earhooks retail for $99.99 and are available at the New Balance Audio website.

Let’s Talk About the New Balance Sport Earbuds!

What information do you track when you are running? Do you upload somewhere to see the changes?