Naked_Fitness_book Naked Fitness is not about exercising in the nude, but rather about becoming comfortable being naked. Andrea Metcalf, a Fitness and Nutrition expert wrote Naked Fitness to help us strip away all the clutter (emotional, physical, spiritual, etc.) that is stopping us from being comfortable with who we are. (Received book and compensation for this sponsored post.)

I have spent much of my life trying to change my outward appearance to make my body what I think it should be. What I would like to do is to adopt a healthy lifestyle that will encompass all aspects of my life, the emotional, physical and spiritual. The Naked Fitness book is a lifestyle program and not a diet.

Naked Fitness offers a 28 day lifestyle change program and a maintenance plan for you to follow to maintain your weight loss.

Emotional Naked Fitness

naked fitness emotional

The first thing I noticed with the Naked Fitness lifestyle is that Andrea Metcalf has you face head on your emotions.Being overweight is not just about eating too much. We often eat too much in response to other things. I am an emotional eater (which was clear after taking the test she offers in the book) and I will eat if I’m happy or sad, depressed or excited. The Naked Fitness offers ways to help me recognize the triggers and offers ways for me to overcome emotional eating.


Physical Naked Fitness

naked fitness physical walking

When I first read that the Naked Fitness plan includes 2 hours of walking a day, I thought, “no way.” But as I read more about fitting in exercise, I realized that this isn’t as difficult as it sounds. As with any change, at first, you will need to consciously think about fitting in 2 hours. As you learn how to fit it into your day, it will become part of your new active lifestyle and you won’t have to think about it anymore.

Andrea also offers a lot of exercises and includes cardio, strength and stretching. She starts with preparing you mentally and then testing your physical fitness. Your plan will vary depending on what you are capable of doing.

Spiritual Naked Fitness

spiritual naked fitness


Naked Fitness addresses the spiritual side of us, not necessarily religious. We all need to feel peace within ourselves and learn how to de-stress and stay calm.  That may not be the same for each of us. But being mentally fit is as important as being physically fit.

Naked Fitness Eating Plan

eating naked fitness

This is the part of the plan that can often be the make it or break it for us. We don’t want to feel hungry or deprived otherwise we won’t want to follow the plan. Andrea offers a 3 week plan that you can follow to teach you how to eat on the Naked Fitness plan. Then she gives you guidelines to tailor the plan to the way you eat.

I like that Andrea explains exactly why each foot group is on her food plan. She explains what the benefits are and ways to sneak in extra helpings of each group along with a list of the best foods in that group to eat. She also includes ways to eat out and still stay on the plan.

Naked Fitness Changes

naked fitness truvia in my tea

I have been making small changes in my eating since reading the book. I replaced my daily tea with sugar to daily tea with Truvia, a natural sweetener, and I haven’t noticed a difference in taste.

Naked Fitness Lifestyle

The Naked Fitness plan is one that I definitely see as being very doable. I have decided that I am going to follow the 28 day plan and report back here each week. I don’t want to just diet, I want to live a healthy and active lifestyle. This plan addresses all areas of my life. The best and scariest part of her plan is the “Facing the Mirror” chapter. Yes, you will face the mirror naked!

naked fitness face the mirror

Andrea also includes worksheets, resources, tips, shopping lists, step by step plans and even tips on dressing to look thinner in 5 minutes. It is a very well rounded book.

Disclosure: I received a copy of the book and compensation from Collective Bias for the this review (and I purchased the kindle version myself so I could read it on my iPad). All opinions are 100% my own..

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Naked Fitness Book

naked fitness book review

Naked Fitness is available on Amazon as a Naked Fitness hardcover or Kindle ebook (affiliate links). Follow Naked Fitness on Twitter and Naked Fitness on Facebook.

Let’s Talk Naked Fitness!

Have you read Naked Fitness? What are your thoughts on the Naked Fitness lifestyle?

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