This past Spring, I decided to train to run a half marathon. I have run three 5ks and for some reason, I thought that just wasn’t enough and instead of working my way up slowly with an 8k or 10k, I went straight to the half

Half Marathon Training

I picked the Disney Wine & Dine on October 1st and began my training. I did very well, at first. The longest run I did was 7.5 miles. About 7.5 times more than I ever thought I’d want to run. Due to circumstances beyond my control, It was clear that I was not going to be able to run a half on 10/1.

Long story, short… I have had to find another half to run and I’m beginning my training again. I’m not starting from square one because I can easily run a 5k so I will do a 5k to half type of training

Recommit to My Goals

I AM going to complete a half and I’m committing myself to it right here, right now. I’m deciding which one I will run, but I am pretty sure I will pick one that is near my house be use I would like my family to be there with me

I am going to need all of you to help me out. I can’t do this alone. Ask me about my training, send me your motivations quotes, anything!! I want to prove to myself that I can start something and finish it. It’s very important for my mental training.

My Running Inspiration

I want to share 3 of my most important motivational tools. They each have a name…..Lorraine, Jennifer, and Renee.

I have watched Renee Ross change her lifestyle completely after starting the EA SPORTS Active last year. She is a huge inspiration to me. I can relate to her. She starting running because of the EA SPORTS Active workouts and is now training for her first half marathon. She is running the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Fransisco on October 16. Every time I read her posts, it keeps me motivated and I can’t wait to hear how she feels after completing the half next week.

Lorraine Robertson, better known as AskWifey completed the Disney Princess Half Marathon this past February and is now training to run the Marine Corps Marathon in DC on Halloween. I hope to go down and cheer her on. She has inspired me to keep going. She has written about the good, bad and ugly of her progress.

Jennifer Gerlock has bee such a good friend and a huge inspiration to me on this running journey. She has always wanted to run the New York Marathon and in November she will. I have been following her training as she shares her frustrations and getting up at 4 am to tun before her son’s game.

All three of these women set a goal and are accomplishing it. I hope to join them by completing my half marathon next year. Whenever I read any of their posts, I know that I can do it. Even the stories about injury and frustration leave me inspired because they don’t let it stop them.

To check out these 3 ladies’ journeys, check out their blogs and follow them on Twitter.

Who inspires you to reach your goals?