Track Your Fitness with Microsoft Band & Microsoft Health #MicrosoftBlogger

Microsoft Band fitness tracker

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Looking for a fitness tracker that tracks steps, sleep, UV rays, heart rate and the time? I found one! The Microsoft Band fitness tracker along with the app on your phone. The Microsoft Health Dashboard gives you a lot of information in fun charts and graphs.

Track your fitness with the Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health app. I love all the charts and information I can see on the dashboard. #MicrosoftBlogger #Spon

My Microsoft Band & Microsoft Health Tracking

Here is a sample of the information you can collect with the Microsoft Band and how it looks charted on the Microsoft Health dashboard. One of the features I love is that it does tell the time. If I’m going to wear something on my wrist, I want it to tell time too.

Microsoft Band shows the time #microsoftblogger

Each night, you put it in sleep mode (the moon) and in the morning, you can see how effective your sleep was. Here is a good night:

Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health sleep tracking #microsoftblogger

And here is a not so good night.

MIcrosoft Band tracks sleep #microsoftblogger

Here is how the sleep looks in the Microsoft Health dashboard. This is one night’s sleep.

Microsoft Health sleep tracking for one night #MicrosoftBlogger

Here is a month of sleeping. I love all the information. The more you wear the Microsoft Band, the more information you will see.

Microsoft Health Dashboard; sleep for a month tracked. #MicrosoftBlogger

If you are working out, you will see this on the Microsoft Band.

Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health track your exercise. #Microsoftblogger

And you can see each run, workouts or a month worth in the Microsoft Health dashboard. These are two runs that I did while using the Microsoft Band.

MIcrosoft Health run #MicrosoftBlogger

When using app on your Windows Phone, Android or iPhone, you can choose Guided Workouts. The Microsoft Band will guide you through a workout. I started the Couch to 5k. Here is what you see on the Microsoft Health dashboard for a guided workout.

Microsoft Health Guided Workout #MicrosoftBlogger

And here is a summary of my workouts. This I love…

Microsoft_Health___ExerciseAnother interesting feature is the UV tracking. I had Melanoma a few years ago, so I pay attention to the sun a lot. I like having the UV tester so I can see how bad the rays are that day.

UV testing with Microsoft Band #MicrosoftBlogger

Here is an overview of April and the calories I burned each day. Since your heart rate is tracked, you can see how your heart rate affects the intensity of your workouts and your day. So much useful information.

Total calories burned in a day on Microsoft Health #MicrosoftBlogger

The Microsoft Band comes in small, medium and large. I have the medium, but I really need the small size. Be sure you either try it out at the Microsoft Store or measure before buying. It’s very important to get a proper fit.

Microsoft Band wearable #MicrosoftBlogger

So overall, I’m very happy with the Microsoft Band. Of all the fitness trackers I’ve tried, it tracks the most information in one device. Having the guided workouts available on the tracker is great for traveling or if you don’t like to bring your phone with you when you run.


The Microsoft Band also give you notifications from your phone. I have an iPhone, so I get notified when I get a call or messages, but I can’t answer them without going to my phone. If you have a Windows Phone, you can do a lot more right on the Microsoft Band.Microsoft Band fitness tracker

Disclosure: As a Microsoft Blogger, I receive product (including the Microsoft Band) in exchange for my participation. All opinions are my own. 

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