In Honor of Susan; We Miss You #WhyMommy

Dedicating my post today to Susan, @WhyMommy….. If you’d like to see more dedications, check out the link on Leticia’s (@TechSavvyMama) post today.

 susan whymommy
From The DC Moms
As we honor Susan’s memory, please consider furthering her legacy through a contribution to the Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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7 thoughts on “In Honor of Susan; We Miss You #WhyMommy

  1. Okay, this is very touching. She’ll be in my prayers, and I’m looking forward to more of your beautifully emotional articles, poems, and prose. Thank you very much!

  2. Thank you for sharing such touching and wonderful poem. I actually enjoyed reading it and there’s that nostalgic feel that comes with reading it. I may not know Susan personally but I hope she’s in a better place now.

  3. Bless her heart. I don’t really know Susan personally but since she’s been a dear to you, she maybe a very precious person. Hoping for more of your great posts!

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