Next week the Bridesmaids movie is coming out on DVD and in celebration, I am hosting a Girls Night In. We will be getting a sneak preview of the Bridesmaid movie DVD before it comes out on September 20, 2011.

Perfect Bridesmaids Movie Party

My idea of a perfect Bridesmaids movie party is one where I don’t have to do a lot of planning and we all have a blast. Have a party without planning? (you might ask!) Yep! Obviously, I set the date (September 16) and sent out the evites. I will make sure we have drinks and food on hand, but I’m not big on planning games and activities.

I prefer to let a party go with the flow. I will plan a back-up game or two if we are all standing around with a lot of very awkward pauses, but if the party is hopping then I let it go.

Tomorrow I’ll head out to purchase the yummy appetizers and alcohol. We will have Jason’s Perfect Mohito Margaritas, Skinny Margaritas and wine.

Dressed Up Pretty

I asked each of my guests to look in their closet and bring any old Bridesmaids dresses, shoes or accessories. We will be donating it all to Dressed Up Pretty.

Bridesmaids Movie Trailer

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, here is a trailer

Put you and your friends in the Bridesmaids movie trailer or Bridesmaids movie picture at the Being Bridesmaids website.

being bridesmaids movie

Next week I will write a full review of the Bridesmaids movie with clips and video from our fun Bridesmaids Movie Girls Night In party.

Let’s Talk About The Bridesmaids Movie!

Have you seen the Bridesmaids movie? Did you like it?

Disclosure: As part of the Bridesmaids Movie Girls Night In party campaign, I received the movie, party accessories (decor, plates, etc.) and a gift card. All opinions about the Bridesmaids movie are 100% my own. Links to movie are Amazon affiliate links.