I have received so many emails from people telling me that they have a holiday gift for me. So, I open it expecting a freebie and it’s really a coupon. Please call it what it is. I can’t remember the last time I got a gift that I was asked to pay 60% of the gift.

I’m not saying that you have to give it all away for free, but then tell me you are giving me a holiday coupon. It’s a COUPON. Calling a 40% discount on your ebook is not a gift. It’s a coupon.

If my hubby bought me a gift and handed it to me and said, I have this gift, you get to pay 40% of the gift, I wouldn’t be too happy.

So, please keep the holiday coupons coming, but stop calling it a gift if you are not gifting it to me. It may be a minor technicality, but when I get about 20 of these daily, I’m tired of opening up my gift to find it’s a coupon.

I have been unsubscribing myself from a lot of lists this holiday season because I think many people are starting to abuse my newsletter subscription. I don’t need to be reminded daily of your “gift.” I don’t mind once per week, but daily, come on!! That’s just insane.

Rant over. Sitting in a hospital room on Christmas makes me cranky!!!