Yep…changes are tough, but a necessary part of life. This post is my way of telling you that things are changing. The quote below is one of my favorite quotes because you can apply it to your own life or the world. You must be the change first.

If you want the world to be more peaceful, you must be more peaceful. If you want to be a leader, you must lead.  Take action in your life to see a difference in the world.

Be the change you want to see in the world quote.


My personal interpretation of that quote means I must take action and do what I can to make the changes happen in my life. I know it seems” that I’ve slacked off lately, but that is so far from the case. I’ve been doing a lot of behind the scenes work on myself, my blog and my life. So let’s talk about those changes and the actions I’m taking.

I’m Doing B School

I am taking B School with Marie Forleo and it's worth every penny!

Yep, Marie Forleo’s B School. I finally did it. I’ve looked at it for the last 4 (maybe 5) years and every year I regret when I don’t do it.

I have so many plans in my head and feeling very overwhelmed when it comes to trying to get them out of my head and into my blog. I just completed module 5 last night and I know that this class is definitely worth the high price tag. I already feel like I have a better plan.

This change will bring my blog and business to a whole new level.

I’m Doing #50WorkDays Too Blog to Profit class #50WorkDays

Because taking 1 class wasn’t enough now, I’m also taking the Blog to Profit (#50WorkDays) class put on my Regina of I LOVE LOVE LOVE her classes because she breaks things down into very easy simple steps. This class is a small one which I really do prefer because I get to know people better that way.

This change will give me a process to follow to get my ideas out of my head.

Rebranding My Blog

Working hard on changes at Scraps of My Geek Life

You saw the new logo, but that was only the beginning. I’m working on a new theme and I’m going to have a style guide and be all official! My goal is to get back to the roots of what I love about blogging. Sharing what I know with you. I got away from that recently. But no more. You will see less sponsored posts and more of me sharing my knowledge of tech, scrapbooking, running and blogging.

A layout I did with the Project Life app on my iPhone.

A layout I did with the Project Life app on my iPhone.

This change will breathe new life to my blog.

My New Logo

Scraps of My Geek Life new logo

The colors you’ll be seeing a lot more of here are orange, pink and gold. That combination of colors makes me so happy. I’m also loving circles. Everything seems to happen in circles in my life.

This change makes me happy because I was tired of the old logo.

Working On Some Products

I have always wanted to write an ebook and I’m going to do it this year. This is one of those “stuck in my head” projects that I is bursting to get out of my head.So many ideas to get out of my head.

This change will let me do something on my goal and bucket list.

Changes In My Personal Life

I’m still dealing with some of my pancreatic health issues, but going at it from another angle. This seems to consume a lot of my life if I let it. I’m trying hard to not let it.

Getting rid of 40 extra pounds.

And I’m working really hard on getting rid of the 40 extra pounds that have slowly been added to my body since my total hysterectomy (and immediate menopause.) I’m headed to the doctor next week for a full physical to be sure there isn’t a medical reason that these pounds aren’t budging (other symptoms too.)

These changes will make it easier for me to do all I want to do because I will have more energy.

Family Life is Changing Too

My kids are all getting older (but I’m not.)

  • My oldest is finishing up his Freshman year of college. He is living at home so the change wasn’t huge, but he is now an adult. This change I liked. I love seeing my kids grow up.
Nate in GMU play

Nate in a play in college.

  • My daughters are still very involved in dance. We are headed to our first big dance competition this weekend. I’ll be doing a lot of my classes from the competition this weekend. There is so much down time, so I’m making good use of that time. I guess this isn’t really a change, but I need to be fair and include all my kids in this update.
Megan after her solo dance at competition.

After her solo dance a few weeks ago.

Sami performaing her solo at competition.

Sami performing her solo at competition.

  • My other son is about to test for his red belt in TaeKwonDo. He has just one more belt after that and then he begins his Black Belt training. Watch out!! This change is going to give me a kick a$$ body-guard!
Nicky at Brown Strip Taekwondo testing.

Testing for his current belt.

  • This school year is also my last in grade school. YAY!!! I will have NO kids in grade school and after 14 years of having at least one kid in grade school…I’m done! This change signifies a change in our family. Our kids are all growing up and becoming their own people. I love it!!
My kids at a movie over the holidays.

My kids at a movie over the holidays. We were seeing Into The Woods at a new theatre newar us with reclining seats.

  • And my husband is still running trade shows and very supportive of all my projects! This isn’t a change, but that’s good. I don’t need to change husbands…I love the one I’ve had for 20 years.
My family at a Washington Capitals game.

My family at a Washington Capitals game. This was about a week after my sinus surgery.

That is my life in a nutshell now. Changes and all.

And here is my new haircut….just because it’s another change! My attempt to “be the change” on the outside too.

My new haircut.

Let’s talk about “Be the change!” How do you “be the change” personally to make a difference in the world?