This has been one of those weeks with ups and downs and I feel like I have gone non-stop on adrenaline. Ever have one of those weeks where you can’t even remember if you sat down or slept? That was my week.

Tomorrow is Friday and I have absolutely nothing planned (except writing all day to get caught up.) Stupidly, I figured I would spend tonight working and catching up. My body is telling me to sleep. This is one of those moments where I feel out of balance and I need to decide how to put things back in balance.

You can have it all, just not at the same time.

That is a quote that I turn to in times like these. Balance doesn’t mean that everyone gets an equal part of my attention all the time. Balance, to me, means that when I need to go non-stop, I go without thinking and burn the candle at both ends. But, then I need to stop and catch my breath and rest.

So, for tonight, it is Good Night! Tomorrow is another day.