I have been sick last week with a flu bug and this week it has become pneumonia and knocked me OUT. I don’t remember having pneumonia before and I never realized how much it drains you and it hurts! But enough about me.

sick in bed

I have all my tech needs right here in bed.

While I’m sick in bed, I’m not able to write much. I get tired very quickly, but I have been able to do many other things to keep me busy.

1. DVR Catch Up. I’ve watched all the shows I have on the DVR and I’m completely caught up.

2. Read. I have so many ebooks that I have downloaded and never found the time to read. I’m spending a lot of time reading them on my iPad.

3. Blog Post Planning. I have a lot of time where I’m just laying here and thinking and so many blog post ideas have come to mind. I’m writing them all down. I’ve decided to think about my goals and plans for 2012 for my blog too.

4. Blog Reading. I was very behind in reading blogs and there were many blogs in my RSS reader that are no longer active. I went through them and skimmed through my unread posts and now I’m caught up.

5. Update computer. I have checked for updates on software and ran several computer cleaners on my computer to get it running in tip top shape. I just set it up and the computer does all the work.

6. Email Clean Up. I haven’t completely cleaned it up, but I have gone through a lot of my old emails and deleted those that I don’t need anymore and responded to others. I can do this in little chunks of time which is about all I can handle.

7. Calendar Planning. I have a lot of calendars from my kids activities, hubby’s schedule and other things that need to be added to my calendar. I am about half done with that.

My suggestions is to find things on your To Do List that can be done in small chunks of time and do not need a lot of concentration. I’ve fallen asleep a few times while working on something, but it’s ok. Rest should be #8.

What do you do when you are sick in bed?