Maintaining Your Healthy Family Home

Living with pets and maintaining a healthy family home.

This is an Aprilaire sponsored post. 

You’ve built a beautiful healthy family home, so how do you maintain it? Maintaining a healthy home isn’t a one and done process. It’s a good idea to evaluate your family’s health and your home’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) once every year.

Your Family’s Health

Your family’s health may change throughout the years. My kids’ allergies have gotten worse over the years. Every spring I have to stock up on allergy meds, tissues and we sure to have our furnace and air conditioners cleaned out. 

This past year, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. There isn’t a cure, but it means I need to keep my body as healthy as possible. If my allergies are bad, it can set off a Fibromyalgia flare-up. So I make sure our air purifier is working and our filters are changed when needed.

The IAQ isn’t going to directly affect my Fibromyalgia, but indirectly, I can ward off a flare-up by maintaining the health of my home.

Evaluating your family’s health every year will help you maintain a healthy family home.

Maintaining a healthy family home. Evaluate your family's health and your home's health annually. #IAQbyAprilaire

Pets And Your Healthy Home

Did you get a new pet? That can definitely affect your home’s health. Living with pets does change your home.

For many years, this was my home:

Living with pets and maintaining a healthy family home.

The cats had their spots throughout the house that they claimed as their own. This meant more dander and hair in those spots.

Then, we added this to our home:

Living with dogs and maintaining a healthy family home.

Adding a dog to our home meant the dander and hair are now flying everywhere. Instead of it being confined to the small areas, it was flying throughout the air and landing everywhere. So much more hair everywhere. I think I saw a few dog hair tumbleweeds roll by in the kitchen the other day.

Our cats are indoor cats, but the dog goes outside often AND brings in lots of outside pollen, dust, and dirt. I need to take that into consideration when deciding if I need to make changes to maintain a healthy home.

Living with cats and maintaining a healthy family home.

Adding the dog had us rethinking our home’s IAQ. We monitor the filters very closely now (even more than we did before.) We are considering adding a room air purifier to my son’s room because he has the worst allergies and the dog loves his room the best.

Monitoring Your Healthy Family Home

It’s important to monitor your home on a daily basis and I love that WiFi thermostats make it so easy. I can check the temperature, humidity levels, and how pure the air is from an app on my smartphone.

Control the temperature with the Aprilaire app. #IAQbyAprilaire

Control your home’s temperature inside the app. You can also see the outside temperature.

And if I want to make a change and I don’t have my smartphone nearby, I can just ask Alexa to make change the temperature for me.

There are absolutely no excuses for not maintaining a healthy family home on a daily and annual basis. Aprilaire makes it very easy to maintain.

Disclosure: This is an Aprilaire sponsored post. I was compensated for this post. All opinions are my own. 


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