This morning I discovered @ScoutieGirl’s Inspiration Chest blog post and fell in love with the idea. I thought it would make an awesome addition to our #RechargeME projects. I decided to create an Inspiration Chest private board on Pinterest, Dropbox and OneNote.

Inspiration Chest Board pinterest

I went back and forth on whether to make the board on Pinterest private or not and finally decided on private. I wanted to put things in there and not be questioned. I also want to put pins in there that I’ve already pinned and not have them show up as duplicates all over.

Inspiration Chest

I’m using Dropbox because I can use the folder from my phone, tablet or any computer and add things to the folder no matter where I am.

Inspiration Chest on Dropbox

I’m not sure what will end up in my Inspiration Chest, but my hope is that when I have these moments in the future where I need a recharge, I can go to the Inspiration Chest and find things to inspire me.

This Inspiration Chest will be for personal, fitness, blog and family inspiration. Anything that inspires me or ideas for future blog posts or quotes or photos or anything else.

What will you put in your Inspiration Chest and where will you put it?