I’m heading into the last week of the #IHeartOmron Fitness Challenge with #Mamavation. The workouts have been tough, but with each workout I feel stronger.

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Because I was sick the first week of the Omron challenge, I’m about a week behind so my progress is 2 weeks worth and I’m so excited about the changes I’m seeing and feeling.

  1. Lost a total of 4.6 lbs
  2. Lost 2 inches
  3. Feel less tired throughout the day
  4. Sleeping better at night 
  5. Feeling stronger with each workout

Before and After Photos

Here are my before and after photos. I don’t see a big difference in the photos, but I feel the differences. When I walk, my muscles feel tighter. When I put on my clothes, they feel looser. When I do the same exercises I did in week 1, I need heavier weights because the 5 lbs I started with feel too light.

Mamavation Twitter Party

To end the #IHeartOmron Fitness Challenge we are having a huge Mamavation Twitter Party on February 20. You will be able to hear from all 25 of the Fitness Challengers and find out how well we all did. In addition to exercise, healthy diet and fitness gadgets, having support is so helpful when getting healthy and fit.

Who: Omron Fitness & Mamavation
When: Wednesday, February 20th
Time: 8-10pm EST (5-7pm PST)
Theme: Workout SMARTER instead of longer

Go to the Mamavation site to RSVP for the Twitter party and find out how to enter to win the following:

HR-500U Heart rate monitor retails for $149.99 (2 winners)
HJ-323U Connected pedometer retails at $49.99 (2 winners)
510W scale retails for $79.99 (2 winners)

Omron Fitness Gadgets

The Omron products that are being given away at the Twitter party are the same products that we have used for our Fitness Challenge.

Omron 510W Scale

I love this Omron scale because It gives you so much more information than just your weight. I have tracked my muscle vs fat, BMI and my weight. Sometimes the weight doesn’t budge, but the other numbers will. This scale gives you a better picture of your current health.

omron 510w scale

Omron HJ-323U Connected pedometer

This Omron Connected Pedometer has a USB plug and will upload all of your information to the Omron Fitness Dashboard.

 Omron Connected Pedometer

HR-500U Heart Rate Monitor

This strapless heart rate monitor watch was just released last month and I just received it this past weekend. You do not need one of those uncomfortable chest straps. It was so easy to set up the watch. I turned it on, followed the included directions, strapped it to my wrist and it found my heart rate on the second try. I had the monitor too tight the first time.


The great thing about the Omron Heart Rate Monitor is the continuous heart rate monitoring. While you are running or walking, you can tell immediately if you are working in your target heart rate by the color of the light on the watch.


To get started, you just press the button and hold it until it begins monitoring your heart rate and starts your workout.


Bob Greene on the Strapless Heart Rate Monitor

Video from Bob Greene on the Omron Strapless Heart Rate Monitor.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Omron Fitness as a collaboration with Bookieboo Blogging Network and Mamavation – a community dedicated to weight loss for women and obesity prevention for families.  I was provided with product and compensation for my time and honest opinions.