Healthy Choice Inspires 20 Bloggers to be Better For BlogHer 2010

A few weeks before BlogHer 2010, 20 bloggers were chosen to take a 12 week challenge to be “Better for BlogHer.” Each blogger replaced one meal a day with a frozen Healthy Choice meal. I was one of those bloggers.

On Friday during BlogHer, Healthy Choice hosted a lunch at the Hilton for us. The lunch consisted of a caesar salad or cold sandwiches, fruit and a cookie. It was a welcomed opportunity to take a short quiet break from the fast-paced conference.

Healthy Choice introduced their new line of steamed frozen meals which are currently rolling out in stores. The plastic wrap on top of the meal does not have to be “cut” at all in order to steam the meals like you usually do. No more of the “peel away the plastic from this and poke a hole in this and do the hokey pokey..” just to cook your meal. The instructions are simple. The ingredients are all items that you can pronounce. On the package there are pictures of the meats and veggies that are in the product. No more guessing what that orange thing might be.


Each blogger had the opportunity to meet with the Healthy Choice nutrition expert, Tara Gidus. Prior to BlogHer, we filled out a questionnaire to give Tara a better idea of our health status and concerns. Tara discussed those concerns and answered any questions the bloggers had concerning the product or healthy lifestyles. I did not have a chance to meet with Tara at BlogHer, but I have my consult scheduled for next week.

Healthy Choice consultation with Tara Gidus

We left the lunch with a full stomach, knowledge about the Healthy Choice line of products and the company’s philosophy about living a healthy lifestyle and a lavender, microwaveable neck heat wrap. The neck wrap is AWESOME. I get to use one of these when I get a pedicure, but now I can use it at home. YEAH!

Healthy Choice neck heat wrap and boxed lunch

The hashtag for the Better for BlogHer Healthy Choice campaign is #BetterforBlogHer.

disclosure: I received money and coupons to purchase the meals each day for free in exchange for my posts and my participation in the 90 day challenge.

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  1. Stopping by from BlogHer to say hello (I have your card but don't remember when/where I got it!). Hope you had a blast.

    That Healthy Choice gig sounds pretty cool.

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