Guest Post: Healthier Workers Make For Happier Workers

Today, I’m featuring a guest post from Staples. I didn’t start blogging with the intent of becoming a small business, but that is what I am now. I’ve had to learn a lot about running a small business (and am still learning) by trial and error. I’m going to start sharing some of what I’ve learned and bring you guest posts from experts in the small business arena.

My first small business guest post is from Staples and focuses on why it’s important to keep both you and your employees healthy especially when you have a sedentary desk job like most of us bloggers.

Staying Fit in a Sedentary Desk Job

Staying physically fit can be hard for the millions of American workers who sit in front of computers all day. Employees with sedentary desk jobs can have a hard time staying motivated to eat healthy and be active. And this can be more than an issue of physical fitness — it can deeply impact employee productivity.

healthy employees

Employers can make some basic changes to employees’ work settings to help them stay healthy, happy and productive. Here are a few tips to promote a healthy lifestyle in the workplace.

Movement Is Key

  • Encourage employees to take 15-minute breaks during the workday to walk around the block. Fresh air helps employees stay aware and awake through the afternoon.
  • Suggest that your employees skip the elevator and take the stairs to get their blood pumping.
  • You can also schedule strolling brainstorms instead of sitting in a conference room. This change of scenery can often spark creativity.

Work Out During Lunch

  • If your office has a gym or if there is one nearby, make sure employees feel comfortable using their lunch hour to work out. This breaks up the day, prepares them for a productive afternoon and helps combat post-lunch drowsiness.
  • Employees who work from home can use a treadmill desk to stay active and productive if a gym is not nearby.

healthy employees are happy employees

Optimize Workstations

  • 86% of office workers report discomfort from their office furniture. Look into purchasing an ergonomic desk chair to encourage better posture and decrease strain on your back.
  • 15% of workplace injuries are due to carpal tunnel syndrome. Help your employees decrease their risk with appropriate computer mice and keyboards.
  • Educate your employees on the importance of workstation ergonomics. If they are tilting or turning their heads to view documents or their computer, give them proper equipment to give their neck muscles a rest. Provide copy holders for positioning documents at eye level, and show them the proper angle for their computer screens so they can maintain good posture.

For more tips on office fitness or the benefits of ergonomic solutions, check out Office Fitness: How to Stay Fit in the Wide World of Business and the Staples Ergonomic Center.

Disclosure: This was not a sponsored post. I received no compensation in exchange for hosting this guest post.

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  • Yes, you are right. It’s the responsibility of company to take care of their employees in all manner like tea breaks, comfortable furniture, making it’s environment friendly and stressless. There are many companies which just think about their profit and nothing else. I want to tell you one thing to all companies that if you are getting profit and income is all because of your employees. So, you have to take care of your company employees in all sense. Thanks for sharing.

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