Hanes Lay Flat Collar T-Shirt Ad with Michael JordanThis is more of a public service announcement because I do not want any of my readers (or their significant others) to go around with a collar that looks horrible.

But, what really caught my eye about this campaign was not the collar as much as the pairing up of two completely unrelated companies. Remember my post about cross-promoting your products? This is a fine example of two companies finding a way to promote each other’s products. Hanes and JetBlue Airways? Who knew they would have something in common? They both want you to be comfortable.

No More Bacon Neck

Hanes has come up with an undershirt that lays flat around your neck, the Lay Flat Collar Dyed Undershirts, available across all Hanes Men’s Pocket Undershirts and Dyed Crews.

We do not want you or the man in your life to have bacon neck, do we? I love when a company fixes a problem that I never thought could be fixed. Something that irritates me, but that I just assume is par for the course. Thank you, Hanes, for getting rid of the wavy bacon neck!

So, how does JetBlue fit into all this? JetBlue has partnered with Hanes for the month of June by doing the following:

  • Provide a “Comfort Upgrade”  to all JetBlue customers on overnight flights which is a free Hanes Lay Flat Collar Undershirt)
  • Show Hanes airplane-themed ads on all JetBlue U.S. domestic flights on channel 41 (JetBlue’s PlusTV network). The ads feature Michael Jordan.
  • Each week during the month of June, JetBlue is giving away two JetBlue round-trip travel certificates and a Hanes.com gift card to visitors of the Hanes Facebook page.

Hanes has a really creative and fun website called, Hanes Travel in Comfort. I spent some time watching all the In-Flight videos about traveling with JetBlue and wearing Hanes. They are really funny. Go over there and watch them.


disclosure: I wrote this post because I really was fascinated with how Hanes and JetBlue partnered for this campaign and I thought the Hanes In-Flight videos were hilarious. I did not receive anything in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.