Rock n Roll Virginia Beach half marathonToday begins my “official” first half marathon training. Since I signed up for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in Virginia Beach on September 4, 2011, I can now officially declare “I am running a half marathon.” There is no turning back now. I am committed to 13.1 miles over Labor Day Weekend.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon

My Official Nike Half Marathon Shoe

I also ordered a new pair of shoes. I had 2 $50 gift cards for, so I used the NikeiD and designed my own shoes. the Nike Air Pegasus+ 27 iD Women’s Running Shoe is the shoe of choice.


That’s my official half marathon training shoe. Since it is a custom design, it will take 3-4 weeks to get here, so I have to use my old shoes until then. I will have a review after I’ve had a chance to break them in.

Half Marathon Training Plan

My plan is to run 4 days per week. My long runs will be on Saturday or Sunday and I will have to get up early in the morning to beat the heat for the long runs. Two of my runs will be 3 – 4 miles and I will work on getting faster. Then I have one run each week that is totally for fun.

Honestly, I love running, but I hate training. But the one fun run each week is to keep me from completely hating running while I’m training. On that fun run, I will not worry about time, pace or miles. I will go out and just run until I don’t feel like it anymore. If I want to walk, I’ll walk. If I want to skip, I’ll skip.

Sample Half Marathon Training Week

This is a sample of what my training week will look like. I need to do something daily or I will get off track. I’ve learned that from experience.  My non running days will either be the bike, elliptical, EA SPORT Active or Kinect YourShape.

  • Monday – Other Cardio / Strength
  • Tuesday – Short Run / Yoga
  • Wednesday – Other Cardio / Strength
  • Thursday – Short Run / Yoga
  • Friday – Fun Run
  • Saturday – Yoga / Cardio Rest
  • Sunday – Long Run

I will update you weekly on my half marathon training progress. I am going to need a lot of motivation from you all to keep me going.

Have you run a half marathon? Any tips or inspiration? Wish me luck on my half marathon!