Yes, I hit a huge milestone in my half marathon training. I ran 10 miles last night. It wasn’t easy at all. I struggled throughout the whole 10 miles.

Positive Thinking

During the first mile, I almost turned around and quit my half marathon training completely. I thought, “What am I doing? Who am I kidding? I can’t run 10 miles I’ll never finish 13.1.” As I repeated that my side starting hurting and I felt like a lead weight. I remembered that if I think I can’t…then I can’t. I visualized finishing my half marathon training and running 13.1 miles.

Instead I repeated, “I can run 10 miles! I will run 10 miles.” I broke down the run into three 5k’s. I focused on running a 5k and after each 5k, if I felt like I couldn’t go any further…I would stop.

When I hit 8.35 miles, I stopped at home for ice-cold water and I was exhausted and hurt everywhere. I had already run further than I had ever run during my half marathon training (longest run was 8.15 miles) and I wanted so bad to finish the 10 miles. I focused on getting to 9 miles.

When I hit 9 miles, I couldn’t stop. I was so close to my half marathon training goal, so I kept going. The sunset was gorgeous and I focused on that rather than my pain. Every step hurt and felt good at the same time. If I started to walk, I hurt more, but if I kept running, I was ok.

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When my Nike+ reached 10.00 miles, I was so happy. My entire body hurt and each step felt like I was walking on spikes. But it also felt really good. I did it! My half marathon training is progressing…

Half Marathon Training Update

I have 4 weeks until my half marathon. Next week I will run 11 miles and then I will begin to pull back the miles. It’s a goal I never thought I could do, but now seems within my reach. I have spent the summer working hard on my half marathon training.

It’s a reminder that if you set your mind to something, you can do it. Think positive. Envision your goal.

Running Socks

BTW….the running socks I bought last week were awesome. My toes do not hurt like they have in the past and I didn’t get any painful blisters.

Let’s Talk About Half Marathon Training!

I’m getting nervous about the half marathon. Any advice for my race day? Any advice for the last 4 week of my half marathon training?