Half Marathon Training; Emotional Hurdles Suck!

Yes, I hit a huge milestone in my half marathon training. I ran 10 miles last night. It wasn’t easy at all. I struggled throughout the whole 10 miles.

Positive Thinking

During the first mile, I almost turned around and quit my half marathon training completely. I thought, “What am I doing? Who am I kidding? I can’t run 10 miles I’ll never finish 13.1.” As I repeated that my side starting hurting and I felt like a lead weight. I remembered that if I think I can’t…then I can’t. I visualized finishing my half marathon training and running 13.1 miles.

Instead I repeated, “I can run 10 miles! I will run 10 miles.” I broke down the run into three 5k’s. I focused on running a 5k and after each 5k, if I felt like I couldn’t go any further…I would stop.

When I hit 8.35 miles, I stopped at home for ice-cold water and I was exhausted and hurt everywhere. I had already run further than I had ever run during my half marathon training (longest run was 8.15 miles) and I wanted so bad to finish the 10 miles. I focused on getting to 9 miles.

When I hit 9 miles, I couldn’t stop. I was so close to my half marathon training goal, so I kept going. The sunset was gorgeous and I focused on that rather than my pain. Every step hurt and felt good at the same time. If I started to walk, I hurt more, but if I kept running, I was ok.

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When my Nike+ reached 10.00 miles, I was so happy. My entire body hurt and each step felt like I was walking on spikes. But it also felt really good. I did it! My half marathon training is progressing…

Half Marathon Training Update

I have 4 weeks until my half marathon. Next week I will run 11 miles and then I will begin to pull back the miles. It’s a goal I never thought I could do, but now seems within my reach. I have spent the summer working hard on my half marathon training.

It’s a reminder that if you set your mind to something, you can do it. Think positive. Envision your goal.

Running Socks

BTW….the running socks I bought last week were awesome. My toes do not hurt like they have in the past and I didn’t get any painful blisters.

Let’s Talk About Half Marathon Training!

I’m getting nervous about the half marathon. Any advice for my race day? Any advice for the last 4 week of my half marathon training?


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  • Hi Michele,

    First of all, I loved the post. I ran the Barcelona Marathon in March and am doing a half marathon in September. I came across this whilst looking for inspiration to keep me on track during my training and it has really helped me mentally! A lot of people, including myself, get to a point where they may be able to carry on physically, but mentally they are not in the right place to continue.

    I think you have made a very important point about running and one that is largely overlooked also, this post will help me to achieve my half marathon goal!
    Thank you!

    Chris, England

    • Chris – Glad that my post helped. It has helped me greatly to find that out that even seasoned runners like you also get stuck on the mental part of training. I don’t think I was very prepared for that part of it either. As you said, the books all talk about the physical and really, once you decide to do it, the physical is the easy part. But every time I get out there, it’s my mind that does me in every time. I’ve run 10 miles…I can do it. But sometimes getting through 2 miles is tough.

      Thanks for sharing your story!

  • I love this post. I just recently (as in, yesterday) made the decision to push myself into running. I used to run, back in high school, and then I got married and had a baby and haven’t hit the pavement in over three years. I started the Couch to 5K Program to get myself back on a schedule and build myself up. I have to say that that same positive mentality…visualizing the finish and the success…is what keeps me going. That, and the fact that I keep a picture of some of these ridiculously fit Celebrity Mom’s who bust their butt to get back in shape. Keep going mama! You can do it!

  • My advice for race day? go out the first 5 miles slower than you’ve trained…it will be hard…you’ll feel great and full of energy and try to keep up with someone in front of you…

    run *your* race…not the race of someone in front of you (who’s probably running to keep up with someone in front of them…and so on and so forth)

    Enjoy the run – keep it slow in the beginning so you have energy for the last couple miles where people really start to fall apart….speaking as one who fell apart in his half-marathon about 3mi from the finish.

    You can do this. The blog post makes it perfectly clear.

    • Thanks for the tips. My fear is making to about mile 11 or 12 and not finishing. That’s a good point about running “my” race and not someone else’s. I know how easy it is to feel like you need to keep up with others. With my first half marathon, I’ve set my goal as finishing. I don’t care about the time. There is plenty of time for me to improve my race time.

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