Rock n Roll Half Marathon Training

5 MORE DAYS of my half marathon training! I am getting so anxious because I’m ready. I want to do it now. I go back and forth being be afraid I won’t finish to I’m ready to run a marathon.

When Hurricane Irene hit Virginia Beach, I was worried that the Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon would be cancelled. There goes my half marathon training was my first thought. There was a tiny part of my that was thinking, hmmmm…..that wouldn’t be bad because I can’t fail if I don’t try. I know…totally the wrong attitude to have. But the show will go on….

Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon Virginia Beach

 Half Marathon Training Update

This week I’m taking it very easy with my half marathon training. The last thing I need is an injury.  Today I am going to take a walk. I want to get outside because it is beautiful outside, but I don’t want to run.

half marathon training

Working hard during my half marathon training.

My half marathon training schedule this week looks like this:

  • Monday – 4 miles
  • Tuesday – Off Day – Birthday
  • Wednesday – 2 mile walk
  • Thursday – EA SPORTS Active on Xbox Kinect
  • Friday – Walk 2 miles & Ubisoft YourShape on Xbox Kinect
  • Saturday – Off, drive to Virginia Beach; Pick up my racing packet.
  • Sunday – Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon Virginia Beach

Follow My Half Marathon Race

If you want to follow me live, I’ll be tweeting from @ScrappinMichele. I will also use the hashtag #momsrunning since that group of moms who run are so supportive.

I am using an iPhone app called PaceKeepr that will tweet out my progress automatically after every mile. I will tweet out pictures and a few personal updates along the way too.

pacekeepr half marathon training

Here is where you set up the auto tweets.

PaceKeepr will also help you keep your pace. I have no plans to keep up a pace for this race. My goal is to finish.

Pacekeepr half marathon training

Pacekeepr will help you keep your pace too.

Let’s Talk About Half Marathon Training!

Were you nervous before your first half marathon? Is there anything you would have done different with your half marathon training?