Using a gratitude journal app shows you all the things in your life to be happy about. Even when you are having a bad day, if you stop for 5 minutes and come up with 5 things to be grateful for that day, you can change your outlook.

Gratitude Journal app #RechargeME

It may be as simple as, “today no one cried” or as joyous as, “today, we saw a rainbow after a warm summer rain.” No matter how small or big, seeing your life in a new positive way will change the way you look at your life.

Gratitude Journal App

I use the Gratitude Journal App by Happy Tapper on my iPad. 

gratitude journal app iphone ipad

Since I’ve starting using the Gratitude Journal App, I’ve started to look at my day differently. I look for things that I can put into my Gratitude Journal…..positive things.

gratitude journal app iphone quote

The Gratitude Journal app is a very simple to use. You add text and photos (1 on iPhone & 4 on iPad.) Each day you get a new positive quote (love that feature) and you can rate you day from 1 to 5 stars. Such a simple way to look at the positives in your life.

iPhone Gratitude Journal App

The iPhone version of the Gratitude Journal App looks like a page out of a yellow lined note pad. You can change the design behind the note pad.

gratitude journal app

iPhone version of Gratitude Journal app.

iPad Gratitude Journal App

And the iPad version of the Gratitude Journal app looks more like a regular journal. You can choose from several different designs for the journal section on the right. This is the version that I like to use because it looks so much like a regular journal and I can add more photos.

iPad gratitude journal app

iPad version of Gratitude Journal app.

Your assignment today for #RechargeME is to start a gratitude journal. If you don’t have access to these apps, then get out the old fashion pen and paper and jot down 5 things. Give it a few weeks and see how it changes your outlook on your whole life.

gratitude journal app logoThis is a positive way to use technology to enhance your life.

Do you use a gratitude journal? Do you or would you use a hi-tech Gratitude Journal App or pen and paper?