Wordless Wednesday: Cat Paint Fun on the iPhone

Cat paint at airport I saw John Kim’s Whrrl story with cat paint and I couldn’t figure out what it was. It is an iPhone app (search cat paint in the app store) where you can add cats by painting them on your pics. Sounds silly, but is a lot of fun. Here was the first picture where I added cat paint.

This picture was taken at Dulles airport last Friday when we returned from Atlanta. I love that colored wall. I have to take a picture of it every time I see it. It’s a glass wall all lit up with rainbow colored lights. It makes me happy and adding a cat to the top just looked like fun. Now I have to add cats to every picture. I can’t figure out why the cat paint app is so much fun, but if you have an iPhone, try it. It’s only .99 and tons of fun.


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