6:00 pm ET – Guess what?! It’s NOT snowing anymore. YEAH!!!!! I think after all was said and done we got around 36 inches. INSANE!!!! Here is the last picture at 6:00 pm. I will do a video for tomorrow. We will not be going anywhere for a while. My driveway is clear, but there is about 2ft of snow on the road.

6pm snowmageddon 2010 washington dc day 2

4:00 pm ET – Still snowing (how many times have I said that now??!!), but it is slowing down a little bit so that is good news. VDOT just announced on NBC4 that it may be next week before they get into the neighborhoods to clear the streets especially since we are getting more snow on Tuesday/Wednesday. See how my nice tall evergreen tree is now limp and droopy.

4pm snowmageddon 2010 washington dc day 2

4pm snowmageddon 2010 washington dc day 2 evergreen tree

2:00 pm ET – It’s still coming down quite heavy. We just got the call that school is closed for Monday and Tuesday and they are talking about a possibility of 6+ inches of snow on Tuesday night into Wednesday so that will probably put us out for Wed at least. Should be a fun week around here.

2pm snowmageddon 2010 Washington DC day 2

Noon ET – I can’t believe this, but it is still snowing at a rate of about 2 inches/hour. And they tell us that we are getting a heavier band of snow coming in later this afternoon. My neighbor and my son cleared the driveway, but there is already a couple of inches on the driveway. This is absolutely insane. I don’t even know how to describe it, so here is a picture…   I don’t know how much we have, but it’s closing in on 30 inches I think.

Noon snowmageddon 2010 washington dc day 2

9:00 am ET – We now have 26 inches on the ground and about 10 inches still coming. Supposed to be done by 10pm, unless it stalls. This is absolutely insane. And my 13 yr old is PO’d cuz he wants a new game and we can’t go get it. The dog jumped out onto the deck and then jumped right back in. She won’t go outside now. I’m going to have to teach her to pee in the toilet I think.

9 am snowmageddon 2010 washington dc day 2


5:00 am ET – It was coming down hard. I could hear the wind still howling for much of the night. The drifting is really bad too.

Midnight – It’s Midnight and it’s been snowing for 14 hours now and we have 12+ inches. As I’m laying in bed, I can hear the wind whistling and pulling the siding up from the house. We do not have any big trees around our house, so there are no chances of a tree falling on my house. It’s so quiet in the house and I’m watching the snow blowing out my window. Very pretty!

Midnight snowmageddon in Washington DC, Day 2