Diet Coke is turning 29 on July 29 and I’m getting a Diet Coke Birthday surprise. If you’ve been following me for some time you know that I love Diet Coke (especially McDonald’s Diet Coke.)

This is me when we have no Diet Coke in the house:

Diet Coke Birthday Surprise

And me when I have my Diet Coke:

Diet Coke Happy

Diet Coke Birthday Surprise

So, anyway…let’s get back to the Diet Coke Birthday surprise. I was contacted by Diet Coke last week in regards to their 29th Diet Coke Birthday celebration on July 29. Diet Coke considers me a Super Fan and they are sending me a Diet Coke Birthday surprise next Friday (July 29.) I have no idea what it is. My family and I are going crazy with guesses. Every day the kids come up with a new guess.

Diet Coke Birthday

Next week I’m going to do a series of Diet Coke posts about the history, facts and some of my personal Diet Coke stories.

Let’s Talk About the Diet Coke Birthday Surprise! 

Any ideas on what the Diet Coke Birthday surprise might be?