FitSnap App Makes Your Fitness Instagram Photos More Interesting

FitSnap app

FitSnap appI love running and I love taking photos. FitSnap is an app I just found for iOS only (hoping it comes to Android soon) that offers overlays for your fitness photos. The app is free and it comes with some overlays, but you can also buy more. I purchased a few more.

Here is one I took today after my run.

fitsnap app

And I took a few more. There are a few filters you can use on the photos.

fitsnap app

You can make the photo into a black and white.

fitsnap half marathon

And you can change what you have written on the bottom.

fitsnap running photos

FitSnap has many other overlays, but I haven’t explored them all yet. My daughter and I are training for a half marathon, so I’m using the overlays so I can see in my photos the days I ran. It’s a little more fun than just adding it to my calendar. I’ll probably create a scrapbook page with all the photos once I’m done.

FitSnap is available for free at the App Store.

What apps do you use for making your photos all fancy to share online?

Let me know what you thought!!

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