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Why do you need to monitor your health while you sleep? Monitoring your vitals while you sleep can tell you a lot about your own health. Or you may want to monitor a loved one and receive notifications when there is a problem.

EarlySense Live monitors your health while you sleep #EARLYSENSELIVE

Monitor Your Own Sleep

EarlySense Live is a device that monitors your health while you sleep. It will help you know more about your own health.

You may think you are sleeping 8 hours, but after monitoring your sleep, you may find that your sleep is being interrupted and you aren’t getting as much sleep as you thought. That will affect your overall health.

Setting Up EarlySense Live

EarlySense Live is very easy to set up. Plug it into the wall, then connect with the app on your phone.

EarlySense Live monitors your health while you sleep #EARLYSENSELIVE

Next, place it under your mattress, near where your shoulder is when you sleep.

EarlySense Live monitors your health while you sleep #EARLYSENSELIVE

Each night, before you get in bed, open the app and leave it open. It will track your heart rate, breathing rate, and stress levels during the night.

EarlySense Live App

The app tracks all your vitals and puts it in a format that is easy for you to read and understand. I love that it gives you a number rating, the sleep score. I’m always trying to get a higher number.

EarlySense Live monitors your health while you sleep #EARLYSENSELIVE

As you can see in in the screenshot above, I got an 86 that night. That’s pretty good. I have had nights where it’s been as low as 20, but those are rare.

Before you go to sleep, you can add some notes in the diary about things that may affect your sleep.

EarlySense Live monitors your health while you sleep #EARLYSENSELIVE

That may help you figure out what is affecting your sleep. For me, stress is usually number one.

If you want to see an overall picture, you can look at the calendar.

EarlySense Live monitors your health while you sleep #EARLYSENSELIVE

The graph shows the sleep score from each night. The EarlySense Live has also helped me track my resting heart rate. I have been making a lot of changes in my eating and exercise and watching my resting heart rate go down over the last few months has helped me know I’m making positive changes.

Overall View Of Night’s Sleep

This is my favorite screen to look at:

EarlySense Live monitors your health while you sleep #EARLYSENSELIVE

It gives me the overall view of my sleep and my activity for the day.

Tracking Someone Else’s Health

If you would like to track someone else’s health and receive notifications, you can do that with EarlySense Live also. The notifications require an extra service to give you remote access. My grandmother had MS and lived alone for a few years. I know that my mom would have loved to have something like this available.

The EarlySense Live (affiliate link) is definitely worth the investment whether it’s for your own health or to track someone else’s.

Let’s Talk! Would like to be able to track your health while sleeping? 

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EarlySense Live monitors your vitals while you sleep. It's easy to setup and monitors your health. Can be used to monitor a family member from afar too. It's so important to get the proper sleep. It helps your overall health. #EARLYSENSELIVE