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I received two of Bob Harper’s supplements to try out for myself. I tried the Smart 7-Day Cleanse and the Smart Weight Loss formulas. I was really curious about a supplement from America’s favorite celebrity trainer, Bob Harper.

Smart 7-Day Cleanse

Honestly, I was really worried about starting Bob Harper’s Smart 7-Day Cleanse, but I tried it and was pleasantly surprised. Without getting too graphic, let’s say I was cleansed without any pain. It was a gentle cleanse on my system.

According to the website,

it works with your body’s natural elimination process so you can gently flush out waste from your system.

I agree with that statement. The cleanse is also gluten, dairy & lactose-free. The key ingredient is Senna.

Smart Weight Loss

After the 7-Day Cleanse, I waited a week and started on Bob Harper’s Smart Weight Loss supplements. I used Bob Harper’s supplements for a month and I did lose 3 pounds during that month. That may not sound like a lot, but since I had my total hysterectomy, I have not been able to lose much weight at all. I can’t be sure if the Weight Loss supplements helped because I did start working out and tracked all my food.

bob harper supplements weight lossThe Smart Weight Loss supplements are also gluten, dairy and lactose-free.  Whenever I start a weight loss plan, I take supplements to be sure I’m giving my body everything it needs. Bob Harper’s supplements were an important part of my total weight loss plan.

As with anything, check with your doctor before taking any supplements. I checked to be sure Bob Harper’s supplements would mess with my prescription medications I’m currently taking.

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bob harper's smart supplementsDisclosure: I received a sample of Bob Harper’s Supplements, the Smart 7-Day Cleanse and the Smart Weight Loss formulas to try for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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Have you tried any of Bob Harper’s supplements? Do you take supplements when you start a weight loss plan?