Every year, the last items I go out and buy are the stocking stuffers. When my kids were little, I would buy candy, toy accessories and batteries for new toys. As they get older, I try to buy useful stocking stuffers.


To help you out, I’ve come up with a list of 101 useful stocking stuffer ideas.

The price range varies from a few dollars to over one hundred dollars. I realize that some may be over the top, but I wanted to be sure to include something for everyone.  Some of these ideas may trigger new ideas for you.

And….sometimes it’s fun to put the big present in the stocking!

Many of the ideas are linked. All links are affiliate links.

101 Stocking Stuffer Ideas

  1. Small battery charger for phone
  2. Phone Case
  3. Lip Balm
  4. Hand lotion
  5. Stylus (Bamboo Stylus by Wacom is my fave)
  6. KT Tape (for runners and/or any athlete prone to injuries)
  7. Ink replacement for printer
  8. Gift cards for favorite places to eat
  9. Toddy cloth to clean electronic screens
  10. Hand sanitizer
  11. Favorite candy (can’t leave that out)
  12. Crayons
  13. Colored pencils
  14. Pen/Pencil set
  15. Charging cords for phone
  16. Extra phone minutes
  17. SD cards
  18. Post-it Notes
  19. Highlighters
  20. Sharpie pens in favorite colors
  21. Video game
  22. Small calendar
  23. Holiday socks
  24. Holiday tie
  25. Belt
  26. Book of stamps
  27. Moleskine notebook
  28. Bluetooth speaker
  29. In-ear sports headphones
  30. Flashlight
  31. Nail files
  32. Nail polish
  33. Office supplies (scissors, stapler, etc.)
  34. Jewelry
  35. Olioclip for phone
  36. Camera strap
  37. Tide to go pen
  38. Craft glue
  39. Travel sewing kit
  40. Kindle e-reader
  41. Duct tape – Fun to make crafts and decorate.
  42. Small tools (hammer, screwdriver, etc)
  43. USB port
  44. Wallet
  45. Gift card to purchase apps for their phone
  46. Small flexible tripod (I have the Joby brand)
  47. Hair ties
  48. Portable laptop charger (be sure it works with their laptop)
  49. Small scale to weigh luggage
  50. Bottle of Ibuprofen
  51. Soap
  52. Gloves or mittens
  53. Portable hard drive (Seagate or WD are my favorites)
  54. Gift card for grocery store (great for college students)
  55. Small bottles of wine (adults only please)
  56. Pedometer
  57. Slippers
  58. Facial brush cleansing system (Olay is affordable, but Clarisonic Mia 2 is the one I bought)
  59. Audiobooks
  60. Make-up
  61. Movie tickets
  62. Blu-ray movie
  63. Exercise resistance bands
  64. Dance shoes (like ballet shoes for dancers)
  65. Craft supplies
  66. Kitchen utensils (new home or college student)
  67. Universal remote
  68. Selfie stick (I bought the Karnotech brand)
  69. Plugin adapter & converter for travelers
  70. Travel neck pillow
  71. Travel blanket (this complete travel set is cool)
  72. WiFi Smart Light bulbs (ones you can turn on with an app)
  73. Spa Gift Card (for haircut, massage, etc.)
  74. Can cozy (I have the Thermos & Yeti brands)
  75. Reusable water bottle (Cambelbak is my fave)
  76. Coffee Thermos
  77. Computer Mouse (Microsoft Arc is my fave)
  78. Compact camera
  79. Ice scraper for car
  80. iPod Shuffle
  81. Colored pens
  82. Hand warmers
  83. Battery operated candles
  84. Spare batteries for gadgets
  85. Car charger for phone
  86. Tea bags
  87. Coffee pods
  88. Silly putty
  89. Small Lego accessory packs
  90. Watch
  91. Magazine Subscription – Buy one of the magazines and put a note in it.
  92. Small smartphone printer
  93. Barbie doll
  94. Brush hair straightener – These are so much easier to use than the typical clamp style straighteners.
  95. Books
  96. Travel games
  97. Electronic toothbrush (my fave is the Panasonic one I reviewed, but have bought many since then as gifts)
  98. Small bluetooth keyboard
  99. Jump rope
  100. Sidewalk chalk
  101. Eye mask (great for travelers)

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There you have it. 101 useful stocking stuffer ideas. If you have more ideas, please leave them in the comments and I’ll add them to my list.