Zmodo Torch Pro To Monitor Your Front Door + Giveaway

Zmodo Torch Pro includes smart door light and connected doorbell. #CES2017

This is a Zmodo sponsored post.

Do you ever hear noises outside at night and you want to check, but you don’t want to go open the door? Yeah, me too! Sometimes it’s the wind, but in order to sleep well, I need to know. The Zmodo Torch Pro will help you check the door and your front yard without opening the door.


Installing The Smart Door Light

I was concerned about installing the Torch Pro smart door light. My husband set out to handle the task for me. He came back about five minutes later and I figured he was going to tell me that there was a problem. Instead, he said, “it’s installed.” Installing the camera with the light is as easy as changing a lightbulb.


And this is what it looks like in the app.


You can control everything from the free app on your smart phone (and this goes for all Zmodo products.) One app for everything. Beleive me, that is a big deal. I hate having to open give different apps to look at five different things.

The camera is HD and you can see whether it’s day…..


or night…


A cool feature is the color of the light can be controlled from the app. You can change the mood of your front door.


Connected Doorbell

The Torch Pro also comes with a connected doorbell.


When someone presses the doorbell, you will receive a notification on your phone whether you are at home or not. you can see them using the Torch camera and talk to them with the microphone in the doorbell. You have full access to your front door.

Home Even When Away

Being able to answer your door while you are away, gives the appearance that you are home. You will also know when packages are delivered and you can be sure a neighbor can go by and pick it up so it doesn’t sit at your house for days.

You can also control when the light goes on and off each day.


I love knowing that whether I’m home or not, I can keep an eye on my house. It also helps when I hear those noises at night. I can easily check to see whether someone is at the door or if it’s the wind.

Zmodo at CES 2017

I had the pleasure of meeting with Zmodo at CES a few weeks ago.


They had all their smart home devices on display. This smart home diagram shows how all the devices will make your home smarter and more efficient.


Torch Pro Giveaway

Zmodo is offering one (1) Torch Pro system to one (1) of my lucky readers. The Torch Pro comes with the smart door light and the connected doorbell.



  • Giveaway open to US addresses only.
  • Prizing and samples provided by Zmodo.
  • Value of prize is approximately $199
  • Be sure to read full terms in the Rafflecopter Widget!

For More Information:

Disclosure: This is a Zmodo sponsored post. I received the Torch Pro in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own. 



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  • I like to use calender’s especially the one on my phone to stay organized. I also like to use my smart phone to keep my kids organized and to stay on top of things using the notes option on the calendar on my phone. But I love sticky notes for making sure everyone stays on task.

  • I would love to be able to see who is at my door day, night and when I am not at home. I would feel safer knowing that I could seen who is at the door.

  • Modern technology is so much fun! I’m excited to have something new and exciting to talk about.
    Thank you!

  • Being able to answer the doorbell while away from home would be amazing. I would love to know when packages are at my house. The shipping companies always give a 4-6 time frame! I would love to have a neighbor grab something for me if I am going to be home late.

  • I am all about the smart home! Right now I am collecting and planning for our new smart home and this would be perfect! I’m most exciting about being able to monitor the security of my home while away.


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