This past weekend, Jason and I left our kids with my mom and we headed to Miami. We were attending a PCMA (Professional Convention Management Association) Education Foundation event.

I was in Miami a few years ago for an IAEE meeting with Jason and I fell in love with the city. I’m not sure I’d want to live there full time because I imagine the summers are hotter than “you know what.” I’ve been in Miami in December and April and both times the weather was beautiful. Everyone in Miami is very friendly and relaxed. I believe it is because they don’t ever get the winter blues because they think 60 degrees is cold. I would love to think 60 was cold. But, I do plan to visit Miami more often.

Here are some of the pictures from our adventure:

The bathroom had a TV in it and this geek was totally impressed. I told Jason I need that. Now if only they had wifi in the room!!!

We got to check out the new Liv Nightclub in Miami and it will forever be known as the place where ScrappinMichele lost her Kodak Zi8. Don’t even ask!! And some famous rapper (they wouldn’t say who) had the placed closed down that night for his big birthday bash. So if you see a famous rapper with a black Kodak Zi8, let him know that ScrappinMichele would like it back.  But I did get to drink some sort of raspberry martini. Very fruity and strong.

I happened to catch this picture on the way from Liv to dinner.

This picture is kind of blurry since I took it with my iPhone as I was walking, but I didn’t want to miss this picture. As you can see in the lower right, my foot is there. For the dinner on Saturday night, we walked across this glass-enclosed walkway and under our feet were a mermaid and 2 mermen (is that the proper term?). It was very bizarre. They said not to worry about having a dress on because their eyes were closed, but her eyes do NOT look very close to me.

And just in case the mermaid walkway wasn’t enough, we had 1 mermaid dancing on the buffet table right behind the meet carving table.

Here you get a better idea of the layout of the dancing mermaid. Very bizarre! 😀


This was the table setting and you can see some of the images on the wall too. Our dinner was supposed to be poolside, but we had bad weather looming so they brought it inside and wanted us to feel like we were still poolside.

And last is this gorgeous flower arrangement. I want to recreate that in my house.

And we can’t forget the ice sculpure.

This was one of the coolest decorated party I’ve been to…..EVER!