There have been several times that I wished I could see outside or in the basement to check on the kids without having to get up every 5 minutes. As the weather gets warmer, my kids want to be outside all the time which is fantastic, BUT…. I still need to work. In comes the Y-Cam Knight SD wireless video security camera to the rescue.

y-cam sd white wireless security camera

The Y-cam comes with everything you need to set it up anywhere in your home. You can set it on a table or shelf or mount it from the ceiling. It is so easy to set up. I got it set up all by myself and just in time too. My husband and I were both sick one day and the kids wanted to be outside. It was awesome.

y-cam mount from ceilingI decided not to mount it because I may move it around depending on how I want to use it. My kids like to have friends sleep over and they all want to sleep in the basement. I can put it in the basement and see what is going on without having to go down 2 flights of stairs every hour. If the kids are in the backyard this summer and I need to work, I’ll put the Y-cam in a back window. I love the versatility of the Y-cam wireless video camera.

y-cam sd whiteY-cam Features

  • Wireless
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • Both high quality video (640 x 480) & sound
  • Motion detection
  • Monitor from anywhere
  • Record video
  • microSD slot for local backup
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac & Linux
  • Mobile viewing of video & sound
  • Secure & compact
  • Easy to install

Sample Photos

In addition to all the features above, the picture is really good. Here are some sample photos from the Y-cam:

sample y-cam photo

View of my front yard as seen through the iPhone app for the Y-cam camera.

Here is a photo I took at night so you can see the night vision capabilities.

night vision y-cam camera

I love how well you can see even when the room is pitch dark. I couldn’t see anything in this room with my own eyes.

The camera is also good when you are waiting for a delivery. I will often go to the door every time I hear a truck, but with the Y-cam, I just have the application open on my computer or iPhone and I can see whether it is my delivery.

y-cam delivery watch

What I love about the Y-cam

  • Easy to set-up
  • No more costs once it is set up
  • Quality video
  • Can view from anywhere (either from home or away from home)

Since I can use my iPhone to check on the Y-cam, I plan to use this when we go on vacation and leave our home in the care of house sitters or to be sure the animals are not destroying the house while we are gone. There are so many ways I plan to use the Y-cam.

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Disclosure: I received the white Y-cam SD in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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