After two successful installs, I’m sharing some of my Windows 8.1 installation tips. This is a free upgrade if you purchased Windows 8. (Disclosure: I am a Windows Champion)

windows 8.1 installation tips

Windows 8.1 Installation Tips

1. Be sure you have installed all the Windows 8 updates.. If you have to do an update, go back to the settings and look for more until there are no updates to install.

2. Check the Windows 8.1 Upgrade FAQ’s before you begin your update.

3. Check the system requirements for Windows 8.1 to be sure your computer will successfully run 8.1.

4. If you have the Windows 8.1 Preview installed, follow the instructions at the Windows Upgrade site. I chose to go back to Windows 8 before installing Windows 8.1 installation tips5. If it seems that your personal files are missing after upgrading, check in the “Windows.old folder.” That is where all of mine were.

6. Go to the Windows Store and you should see the Windows 8.1 update. If you don’t see it, try some of these “Can’t Find 8.1” tips from TechCrunch. There are a lot of people downloading the upgrade today, so things may be slow, so keep trying.

7. If you are upgrading a portable device, keep it plugged in during the entire upgrade process.

8. It may seem as if nothing is happening and it’s stuck. Let it continue. My second install took over 2 hours because there were a lot of people upgrading.

windows 8.1 installation tips

Disclosure: I am a Windows Champion. I am sharing these Windows 8.1 Installation tips to help you out, not as part of a campaign.

Do you have any Windows 8.1 Installation Tips to share?