Wikets App Shows Recommendations From Friends; Earn Rewards

wikets logoWikets shows you recommendations ONLY from those you follow. No more getting random recommendations from people you don’t know. You can add recommendations for your friends and earn rewards at the same time.

Download Wikets free from the App Store and when you register use the promo code, ScrapGeek.

So, think about it… When you ask for recommendations, don’t you usually go to friends and not strangers? I know I do. So now you can see all the recommendations that your friends are making. It’s also a great way to see what your friends like when you need to buy them a gift.

Wikets Feed

Here is the Wikets recommendations feed from those I’m following (and mine too.)

Wikets recommendation feed

Wikets lets you recommend both places and things and if you have a product with a bar code, scan the code to add the product.

add recommendations to wikets

When you make a recommendation, you can add comments and share immediately with your friends on Facebook and/or Twitter.

wikets recommendation

Wikets Wish Lists

You can create wish lists to keep track of your friends Wikets recommendations that you want to check out later. Below is my wish list for food (or restaurants.)

Wikets wish lists

When looking at your Wikets feed, you can see it in two ways. The popular feed shows the Wikets recommendation that are the most popular.

The nearby feed will show the Wikets recommendations by your friends that are close to where you are now. So if you travel to Orlando, FL and your friends have gone before and added Wikets recommendations, you will see those recommendations in the nearby feed when you are in Orlando.

wikets nearby recommendations feed

Wikets Profile

The people tab is where you can find people to follow.  You may want to follow someone who knows a lot about a particular topic. For example, I write about technology, so if you want to see my Wikets tech recommendations, follow me. Below is my profile.

wikets profile scrapgeek

Earning Rewards

As you are adding recommendations and adding items to your wish list, you earn points. You also earn points when your others add your recommendations to their wish list or they buy an item you added to Wikets. You can turn those points in for Amazon gift cards.

Disclosure: I have tested Wikets in beta for a few months and I have received compensation in exchange for my participation in the beta. All opinions in this post are 100% my own. Promo Code for Wikets is for tracking for rewards.

Let’s Talk About Wikets!

First, go download Wikets from the App Store and when you register use the promo code, ScrapGeek. Recommend a few of your favorite places and products. What do you think about getting recommendations from your friends through Wikets?


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