7 More Reasons You Need an HP Chromebook 14 #Sponsored

Why You Need a Chromebook

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Why You Need A Chromebook Party 2 of 3 #HPChromebook

Do you know why you need an HP Chromebook? Last week I shared my favorite HP Chromebook 14 features and today and I’m going to give you more reasons to want on.

HP Chromebook 14-q020nr boots in seconds when open; discounts at Shopathome.com

In my earlier post I mentioned how quickly the HP Chromebook 14 q020nr opens and you’re up and working in seconds. I won’t include that in my 7 reasons, but I wanted to mention it because it is an important reason.

7 More Reasons You Want an HP Chromebook

  1. Large 14″ HD screen in a light portable laptop. You can watch movies with friends or  work on 2 documents side by side. I like to watch movies while I work and it’s big enough for me to do that.
  2. Comes with an HD webcam so you can stay connected with friends or have meetings from anywhere. It’s always great to have those “water cooler conversations’ with someone via webcam when you work at home.
  3. Includes 12 hours of free GoGo in-flight Internet, free automatic backups (for 2 yrs) and 100 GB of Google Drive free. And this is so helpful because an airplane is one of the few places where you get uninterrupted time. I love the long flights because I get a lot of work done.
  4. The fast wireless LAN keeps you connected all the time. Turn it on and you are connected to available WiFi.
  5. Includes a digital media card reader which is great when you want to upload photos from your camera. I always want to upload my photos to Facebook as soon as I’m done taking them. I don’t want to wait until I get home.
  6. Maintenance is easy because your software updates automatically. No downloading of new updates. Virus protection built-in to the Chromebook too. This is so important because there are always new viruses and we all forget to update our computers.
  7. And of course….it comes in ocean turquoise. It’s a beautiful Chromebook.

You take those 7 reasons along with the battery life (up to 9.5 hours) and the fast boot-up and you have one mighty fine machine. Next week, I’ll take you on a “Day in the Life of a Chromebook” adventure.

So head on over to ShopAtHome.com for a discount and buy yourself a gorgeous and very useful HP Chromebook.

Disclosure: ShopAtHome.com sent me the HP Chromebook 14-q020nr for this series of posts. ShopAtHome.com offers various discounts on HP products. All opinions are my own. Affiliate links withing post.

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