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who?Comics On The iPad

The who?Comics is an iPhone & iPad app which takes the biographies of currently popular figures and turns them into comics for your children 8 and up to read.

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I have found comics a great way to get kids to read books that they normally would not find interesting. My 8-year-old never liked to read books because he gets overwhelmed by all the words and would tell himself he can’t read it before he even started reading. With comics, the words are not overwhelming and he just digs right in and starts reading.

Biography Comics for Kids

My 15-year-old son read the J.K. Rowling and Bill Gates biography comics. He had a difficult time getting into the biography comics. He loves comics, but he said they were very difficult to read and he didn’t find them interesting. He said he didn’t really remember much of what he read because they were a difficult read. He did love the timeline feature at the end of each comic.

who?comics biography comics

The biography comics are from a Korean company and they are working on making the translations to english much smoother. I think that now, the comics feel very choppy and we ran into a passages in each comic where we really were not sure what they were trying to say. This is definitely still a work-in-progress.

My 12-year-old daughter started to read the J.K. Rowlings and Warren Buffet comics and after about 10 minutes she said she could not read anymore. In her defense, she generally does not like comics as much as her brothers do. She said she found the comics very difficult to read

J.K. Rawlings who?comics biography comics

J.K. Rowlings Biography Comics

My 8-year-old son loved the who?Comics. We read the J.K. Rowlings biography comic. I did have to sit with him and explain a lot of it to him. There were some topics that I had to explain further, such as, when J.K. Rowlings mother was sick, my son wanted to know a lot more about that. We completed the comic and he did like it a lot.

My Thoughts On who?Comics

Overall, I think the who?Comics biography comics are a good tool for kids to read about their heroes, but they need a lot of work before they are completely ready for kids.

Each one of my kids felt the comics were too long and told parts of the person’s life that they didn’t think was necessary. I would also read each comic before you let your child read them to be sure it’s appropriate for your child.

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