It’s great that we can access most of the TV shows and movies we watch from our computer, tablet or phone, but what about when you want to sit down with your family to watch a movie on that big screen TV in your family room? Or you want to show off your vacation pictures (that are on your computer) to a group of people? Ahh! Western Digital WD TV Live Hub to the rescue!

WD TV Live Hub

WD TV Live Hub

Digital Storage

Not only can you watch internet TV with the WD TV Live Hub, but it has a 1 TB hard drive to store video, photos or music. I decided to back up all of my family photos to the WD TV Live Hub drive and now we can look at photos on our TV. My kids love being able to access the photos themselves.

WD TV Live Hub menu

We connected the WD TV Live Hub to our home network and now we can access all our digital files on any computer (Mac or PC) in our home. My kids often needs pictures of themselves for class projects. I have given them all access to the photos from every computer they use. That saves me from having to search through all the photos for them.

As you can see from the photo above, the menu is easy to use and you can customize the photo. My kids didn’t have any problems figuring out where they needed to go.

Watching Internet TV

We subscribe to Netflix streaming and Hulu Plus, so having access to both services (plus many more) on the WD TV Live Hub is a huge plus. And if the movie or show is available in HD and you are watching on an HD TV, you will be able to watch in HD!

WD TV Live Hub services

WD Mobile Apps

The WD TV Live Hub works with two WD mobile apps, WD TV Remote and WD Photos.

WD TV Remote – Download the remote and control the WD TV Live Hub from your mobile device. This makes it easier to search for movies to watch or use the keyboard.

WD Photos – With the WD Photos app on your mobile device, you have access to all the media on the WD TV Live Hub and you can take photos or video and upload directly to the Live Hub.

western digital wd live hub media center

Central Location

The WD TV Live Hub is small enough to easily add to your home media system and make it the central place for all of your digital media. Imagine being able to go to only one place to get access to any media to want to watch whether it’s personal media stored on YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo or the latest episode of Glee on Hulu Plus

To check out all the digital formats that are supported on the WD TV Live Hub, go to the website.

Be sure to check out the full WD TV Live family of products. Follow WD TV Live on Twitter.

Disclosure: I received the WD TV Live Hub media center in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100% my own. Affiliate links within post.

Let’s Talk About The WD TV Live Hub Media Center!

How do you store your media now? Do you have videos, music and photos on several hard drives and online?