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Need a better way to pick out new frames? If you wear glasses, then you know what it’s like trying to pick new frames. You stand in front of the huge display trying to figure out which frame will look good on your face. I found a better way. Try! (Disclosure: I received my glasses for free to facilitate this post.) virtual try on

Try Frames On Virtually lets you virtually try the frames on or you can try them on at home. I prefer the virtual frames because then I can try on as many as I like and let my friends and family help me pick. Let me walk you through the process. Apps

Before we start, you will need to download the app at one of these places:

When you first start the app, follow the instructions to create an image of yourself to try on the glasses virtually. It’s very easy.

Finding the Right Frame

There are hundreds of frames. I started by filtering my choices to women’s and choosing styles I thought would look good on me.

Filter your choices

All of the frames show up on your face. You don’t have to look at them on some model or fake head. See what the frames look like on you! When you click on one of the frames, you get more information. You can turn your head so you can see how the glasses look from different angles.

more information about frames on

When you find one that you like, click the heart to favorite it. I went through the list the first time and just clicked on any that I liked.

favorite your glasses

I narrowed down my favorites to 4 that I thought I could live with and then I created a poll so my friends and family could vote on which one they liked best.

rate the frames poll on

I can check the poll right in the app. I posted the poll to Facebook and got a lot of comments on FB about which ones everyone thought would look best. I found that most people did not click on the link to go to the poll, they just commented on Facebook.

check the polls

In the end, I chose the ones that I liked the best and felt right for me. I chose these:

choosing glasses virtually

I added the glasses to the cart and then I went to the website on my desktop to place the order because I had a discount code.

After Placing Order

After I placed the order I received instructions to measure the space between my eyes. I had my husband help me with the measuring so I could be sure to get it right. Two days later, I received an email that my glasses had shipped.

Voila! My new glasses.

my glasses from

I’ve always thought that ordering glasses online would be hard, but after going through this experience, I would definitely do it again. It was easier to see how the frames would look on my face using the app. I loved being able to create the polls to get the advice of my family and friends. The experience was definitely a pleasant one.

Comparing Virtual Me to Real Me

Here are the glasses on the virtual me before I placed the order.

choosing glasses virtually

And here are the glasses on me today.

glasses on me Discount Code

The discount code to offer your readers 15% off on is: gls15off (expires on March 31 2014.) You will need to place the order through the website (not the app) if you use the discount code.

Disclosure: I received the glasses for free to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. No other compensation was received. 

Would you order frames that you saw on yourself virtually?


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