Attend a Virtual Military Museum Tour in Honor of Memorial Day

memorial day museum virtual tours

As I’ve mentioned before, summer is my favorite season. I love the hot weather, the freedom of no school and going to the beach.  That is why I love Memorial Day…it kicks off the summer.  As a kid, I remember going to the parade and cooking out with friends.  But ultimately, it is a holiday to remember those who have died for our freedom.

memorial day museum virtual tours

Living in the Washington DC area, we have access to so many museums. I realize that many of you may not have that opportunity, so I did some research and found that many of the museums offer virtual tours. It may not be the same as in person, but I still found it really interesting. I also spent more time reading about the different displays because I didn’t feel a rush to move on because someone is waiting for me.

National Museum of the Marine Corps

This is a newer museum that I have driven by often, but I have not been able to visit in person. The National Museum of the Marine Corps offers a virtual experience of their museum. I honestly think this is as good, if not more educational in some ways that visiting in person. There is so much information and links to other resources. you can get close up to the exhibits and listen to an explanation of the exhibit. I could spend hours in this virtual experience.

Naval Aviation Museum

The Naval Aviation Museum has virtual online only exhibits and 2 apps. The Naval Aviation Museum is always adding more to their online-only exhibits so be sure to check it often. The apps are perfect if you are at the museum or if you are not. There is the Naval Aviation Museum App and the Blue Angels Mobile app. Both are available for the iPhone and Android.

Smithsonian American History Museum

The American History Museum is not just military, but they have several military exhibits in their virtual tour of the museum.

Pacific Aviation Museum at Pearl Harbor

This is a museum in 2 hangers in Pearl Harbor. The Pacific Aviation virtual tour gives you a complete 360 degree tour of several of the exhibits.

National Museum of the US Air Force

This virtual tour shows all the exhibits, but the audio is separate so you would need to start the audio podcasts and then go the 360 degree virtual tour so you know what you are looking at.

How are you celebrating Memorial Day?

Photo taken by me at one of the Smithsonian American History Museum in Washington DC.


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  • Museums are best place to gain knowledge. In this blog you discussed a good information which is useful to gain our knowledge. Virtual military museum tour, that sounds great and everyone can get a chance to visit museums. I appreciate it and I’d like to say thanks for sharing this useful post.

  • I realize that many of you may not have that opportunity, so I did some research and found that many of the museums offer virtual tours.I could spend hours in this virtual experience.Thanks for sharing.!!!!

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