The iPad is one of those gadgets that is awesome because of its portability. But that portability may add stress because there is always the fear of dropping it, stepping on it or any other mishap.

I have 3 iPad accessories to show you that will make using the iPad 2 safer and a little easier.

ePillow Tablet Accessory

The ePillow is exactly what it sounds like…a pillow for your iPad. Sounds silly, but it’s brilliant. Putting your iPad on the ePillow gives you a more comfortable experience.

ePillow tablet ipad2 accessory

How often have you been in bed with the iPad propped on blankets or your legs with your neck in some weird position so you can see the screen? The ePillow will

  • reduce neck aches,
  • reduce muscle fatigue, and
  • reduce eye strain

The ePillow iPad accessory comes in several colors. I tested the blue/gray one (there was no orange. :D) It is a really soft pillow where the tablet rests comfortably with the tablet still in its case. There is a pocket to put headphones or a stylus.

ePillow ipad accessory

The great thing about the ePillow is that it not only accommodates the iPad, but also Acer Iconia A500, Android ePad, Android Toughbook, HP Touchpad, HTC Flyer Android, LG Iconia A 500, LG Optimus, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy 10 and various other tablet PCs. You could also put an eReader or hard cover book. It definitely has many uses.

The ePillow is available for $29.95 at the ePillow website. Follow ePillow on Facebook and Twitter.

ePillow is in the running to “Get On The Shelf” at Wal-Mart. Vote for the ePillow by clicking on the button below.

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Targus Lap Lounge iPad2 Accessory

The next iPad accessory is also for the lap, with a different design. Targus created the iPad2 Lap Lounge to be used anywhere and to protect your iPad while you are using the lap desk.

ipad2 accessories targus lap lounge

ipad2 accessories targus lap lounge

The Lap Lounge has a soft bean bag pillow on the bottom with a stand that allows the iPad to be set to many different angles. The stand is designed to amplify the sound from the iPad so it’s awesome when you are watching movies. There is also a pocket for headphones. Can use the stand for portrait or landscape viewing.

ipad2 accessories targus lap lounge

The Targus Lap Lounge can be purchased on Amazon. Retail price is $49.99.

ipad2 accessories targus lap lounge

Widge iPad 2 Accessory

Do you have kids who always want to use your iPad and you are afraid to hand over your precious gadget? I do! This is where the Widge by X-Doria comes in handy. It doesn’t look like an iPad accessory for a kid, but yet is made with kids in mind.

It has fat corners and a carrying handle on the back for kids to be able to easily grab it. It is made of a durable material and can be wiped down with a wet cloth. It puts the iPad 2 at a viewing angle that is perfect for a kid to sit and watch it on a table.

ipad2 accessories widge

The Widge for The New iPad & iPad 2 in Red is available at Amazon. The retail price is $49.99.

ipad2 accessory

Disclosure: I received each of the above products in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100% my own. Affiliate links in the post.

Let’s Talk About iPad2 Accessories!

What are some of your favorite iPad accessories?