You may have noticed an extra brand button in my sidebar. I am part of the Toyota Women’s Influencer Network known as TWIN. You all know that I only choose brands that I am passionate about. Toyota is definitely one of those brands.


Being A TWIN

Being a TWIN gives me the opportunity to share my personal experiences with the Toyota brand with you and with Toyota. The TWIN consists of 25 women and we take part weekly in a discussion forum with Toyota employees and executives. We have opportunities to ask questions and to learn more about the brand. 

Why Toyota?

So, why did I choose Toyota? In my lifetime, I have had 10 – 12 Toyotas. I remember some time in the late 70s, my parents bought 2 brand new Toyotas. One was a Toyota Tercel and the other was a small station wagon type of vehicle and I don’t remember the model. It may have been a Tercel too. But those cars are the first cars that I remember my parents buying.


See the Toyota in the background!!

When I went into high school the Toyota Tercel became the car I drove to school every day. That car was passed down to my sister and she drove it until it died and wouldn’t go anymore which was sometime in the late 80s.

My First Car

When I bought my first car while in college it was a Toyota Corolla. My Dad went with me to the dealer and he did the negotiating. I was so proud of that car. I made the monthly payment and took care of all the maintenance.

1997 Toyota Camry and 1998 Toyota Corolla. Our first 2 cars we bought together after we were married.

Whenever I think of Toyotas, it brings back a lot of great memories of my family. When Jason and I met, we both owned small Toyota trucks. We knew it was meant to be. We have continued that Toyota tradition after we started our own family.

Disclosure: This post is written as part of my involvement in TWIN and the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are 100% my own.

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