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In the past year, as a TiVo Mom, I’ve seen several studies from TiVo that were interesting. I’ve gathered several of the stats from the different studies to share with you. I love seeing how others watch TV and multitask and binge watching.

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My comments are in italics after the statistic.

Spoiler Alerts

TiVo researched spoiler alerts.

  •  78% say they have had a movie, sports event or TV series spoiled for them
  • 64% say a major plot point on a TV show being revealed was the spoiler
  • 56 percent reported a character death on a TV show being exposed was their spoiler
  • How have you been spoiled? I think Facebook is probably my biggest spoiler.

    • 65%, is by friends, acquaintances and co-workers,
    • 59% from news headlines on the Internet
    • 57% from live TV
    • 49% blame FacebookGetting Your TiVO Ready for the Fall TV Season #TiVOMom #Sponsored

TV Viewing and Multitasking

TiVo research of multitasking.

  • 94% have multitasked while watching TV. I multitask while watching TV every day.
  • What devices?
    • 78% smartphone
    • 72% Laptop
  • 63% the Twitter hashtags displayed during television shows, but of this group, only 12% liked seeing hashtags
  • What are you doing while watching TV? I’m usually writing blog posts, researching or fixing photos.
    • 75% browsing the web
    • 73% checking email
    • 71 % texting
  • 81% of those with a DVR still take trips to the bathroom during commercials. I do that too.

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Binge Watching

TiVo researched binge watching habits.

  • 89% of TiVo customers have binged at least once in the past few months. I’m always binge watching some show. As soon as I finish 1, I start another series.
  • Dramas and crime dramas are the most binge watched genres
  • More than half of bingers, binge watch alone. The majority of the time I binge watch shows with my husband.

I’m curious about your binge watching habits. What shows have you binge watched? Did you watch them alone? When do you binge watch the most? Weekends? Weekdays?

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