As a blogger, I often get packages that I’m not expecting and I want to track packages from UPS and FedEx. I’m constantly trying to get tracking numbers especially on items that are of high value.


I discovered today that both UPS and FedEx have a service where you can add your name and address and if they have a package for you, they will let you know AND the service is free. How cool is that?

You can check out @TechSavvyMama‘s full review of the UPS My Choice service.

I signed up yesterday and I had packages coming on both UPS and FedEx tomorrow and I had no idea they were sent. UPS gave me a 4 hour window for the delivery which was really nice. I don’t know how accurate the window is yet.

Track Packages From UPS My Choice

track packages from UPS

Sign up for the UPS My Choice service on the UPS website. There is a free and paid version. The paid version adds a few more features and is currently $40/year. Looks like it’s worth it, but I haven’t purchased it yet.

Once you sign up and you have a package, you can see it on the calendar like this:

track packages from UPS on calendar


I love the calendar view. Being able to see my deliveries this way is really very cool!

Track  Packages From FedEx Delivery Manager

Sign up for the FedEx Delivery Manager to be notified of any FedEx packages heading your way.

track your packages with fedex delivery manager

If there are any FedEx deliveries for you, you’ll see them like this:

track packages with fedex


Finding a better way to track packages from UPS and FedEx will save me a lot of time. I don’t have to sit around for days waiting for a package and I don’t have to chase after tracking numbers anymore. Thank you UPS & FedEx! This is definitely a technology that is enhancing my life!

Disclosure: This is not paid or sponsored. I’m just sharing a cool tool to help you track packages from UPS and FedEx!