toyota highlander hybrid turning it onAs part of the Toyota Women’s Influencer Network, I tested a Toyota Highlander Hybrid a few weeks ago. This was my first experience with a hybrid vehicle and it started out very interesting….

Turning On A Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Yes, I should have asked for a tutorial in turning on your Toyota Highlander Hybrid because I got in and had no clue what to do. There was no key and pressing the Power button didn’t seem to do anything. Hmmm! So, finally out of frustration, I press the power button and hold it in…VOILA!! the car turns on.

toyota highlander hybrid smart key power on

Turns out you need the key close to you and then hold down the power button for a few seconds to turn on the car. Now that we have it started…let’s go for a ride.

toyota highlander hybrid kids family car

Driving a Toyota Highlander Hybrid

I drove the car around the block a few times to get a good feel for it and be sure there were no other surprises. As I pulled up to the stop sign, I stopped, the car appeared to turn off. I panicked. I pressed the power button again and nothing happened. Now what? Press the power button again and it turns on.

Next stop sign, I stop…car appears to turn off, but I realize it’s not really off, just goes into what I refer to as “stop, but on mode.”

toyota highlander hybrid interior

Turning Off a Hybrid

The first time I drove my kids to soccer practice, I was a bit disoriented because there was no key. I wasn’t sure what to do when I got out. The car felt like it was off and there was no key to remove. But the car wouldn’t lock. We were late, we just left it.

We get back to the car and I press power and it turns off. I guess I forgot to turn the car off.

Driving Toyota highlander hybrid

After Two Days

After 2 days with the Toyota Highlander Hybrid, I was getting used to the power button, the different modes and turning it off. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a hybrid, but it exceeded my expectations because it didn’t feel different from a non-hybrid car.

There are a few features that I really love:

4 cup holders between the front seats. I often have a Diet Coke and a water and my husband will have a drink and there is never enough room for it all.

toyota highlander hybrid cup holders

The spot in the way back for your packages and groceries. No more groceries running loose in the back.

toyota highlander hybrid package holderThe back seats are flexible. You can have many different combinations of 2 & 3 people in each row.

toyota highlander seats

For a family of 5 or less, the Toyota Highlander Hybrid would be perfect and I drove it for a week and didn’t see the gas gauge move much. I would love to try it out on a trip to really get a feel for the gas mileage you get with a hybrid car.Toyota highlander hybrid My husband had a similar experience. It took him a few days to get used to the same things that I mentioned above, but once he did, he loved driving the car too.

TWIN Toyota Women's influencer networkDisclosure: Post is written as part of my involvement as a TWIN (Toyota Women’s Influencer Network). All opinions are 100% my own.