TWINIt does not surprise me at all that Toyota has the top spot in 5 categories in the annual Consumer Reports auto issue. I have owned 10+ Toyota cars in my life and we kept coming back because of both safety and value.

I’m going to go through each category and give you my own personal experience with the vehicle. My opinions are that of an older model in many cases, but I will give you the reasons we chose those cars because in most cases, it is the same reason Consumer Reports states for having the car in the top spot now.

Family Sedan

The Toyota Camry Hybrid holds this top spot. I have never owned a hybrid car so I can not speak about the hybrid, but we have owned a few Camry cars As a matter of fact, we just bought a new Camry a few months ago. The Camry has always been a reliable, safe car which holds its value well for us. The Camry we own now is the car my husband drives to and from work every day. We wanted a car that was efficient in gas mileage and comfortable.

Camry hybrid

Photo taken by Lisa Frame

Small SUV

The Toyota RAV4 is one of the Toyota cars that I never owned, but always wanted to own. It really came down to needing a much bigger SUV with our family of 4, but I’m hoping to get my RAV4 some day (in a nice bright red!

Family Hauler

The Toyota Sienna V6 is one of my favorite vehicles because it doesn’t drive like a mini-van. It drives like a car. I love all the luxuries in this car and  there is a lot of room for a family of 4. We owned the Sienna until we became a family of 5 and needed a double stroller and room for groceries. I felt like Toyota took a close look at how families use mini-vans when they designed the Sienna.

Green Car

The Toyota Prius owns this spot. If I were to invest in a green car, it would be the Prius. I have driven in one and it’s quiet and drives real nice. I think it is one of the more affordable options for green cars out there. And as you can see, it comes in orange!

orange prius c

Photo by Leticia Bar @TechSavvyMama

Family SUV

The Toyota Highlander is the top pick in this spot. This is another vehicle that we have looked at real closely. I love the Highlander because it drives better than most SUVs. It doesn’t feel like a big honking truck. But for a growing family of 6 (growing up, not out or more), the Highlander just didn’t work for us. We often take trips with our dog and luggage for 6 people just didn’t fit in the Highlander. But some day when my kids are grown and gone, I’m buying either a RAV4 or Highlander.

So that is my personal comments on the 5 Toyota vehicles that are in the top spot on Consumer Reports 2012 annual auto issue.

Let’s Talk About Toyota Cars!

What are your experiences with any of these 5 Toyota cars?

Disclosure: This post is written as part of my involvement in TWIN and the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are 100% my own. #ToyotaWomen