We have had our Toyota Camry for a few months now and I wanted to do a follow-up review to let you know how we like it and how it fits into our family’s driving lifestyle.

The Toyota Camry is my husband’s car for driving back and forth to work. My car is a huge SUV. The Toyota Camry gets better gas mileage than my car which is why my husband’s drives it to work every day.

When we have to go long distances and no more than 4 of us are going, we take the Camry. At the end of June, my older kids and I drove to Philadelphia for the Digital Family Summit and we drove the Toyota Camry because it cost me a lot less money to drive than my SUV.

The Camry is very comfortable to drive for long distances. I found that there I can get the seat to a very comfortable position and I am really short and have problems often getting comfy in a car.

There is one thing that we found to be a problem while driving to Philly. The glare on the GPS screen is so bad that I often could not see the GPS. I didn’t know where we were going and I was relying on the GPS. My daughter had to put her hand near the screen to block the glare.

toyota camry

I had my daughter take that photo when we were stopped. She took it right from my angle. I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that I have such short legs and I need to have the seat up so close. My husband doesn’t have the same problem. I finally turned the brightness on the GPS all the way up and it was better.

In the end, we are very happy with our Camry and love that it gives us an option with better gas mileage and we do not need to give up comfort.

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