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While I was looking for the Entune app for our new Toyota Camry, I discovered that Toyota has many more apps available for the iPhone and the iPad. Being the geek I am, I downloaded all the Toyota Apps and tested them out. There are the apps that you would expect from a car company, but there are also a few that I bet you wouldn’t expect from a car company.

toyota apps for iphone

Toyota Apps for iPhone

Toyota Shopping Tool

This is an awesome tool to use if you are shopping for a Toyota. The best feature is the mLot Scan Vehicle option. When you are at a dealer, you can scan the tag with the VIN and get all the information about the car you are looking at. Save them for comparison. You can also find branded mobile barcodes, ToyotTags on the car which you access using this app to get access to brochures, videos and mobile websites.

Toyota Shopping app iphonePrius App for iPhone

This Toyota app gives you a 360 degree tour of the Prius along with ads, interactive activities and even games. It’s a fun way to explore the Prius. This is a game called Harmony from the app.

Harmoney game on toyota app for iphone Prius

Yaris App for iPhone and iPad

Curious about the Yaris? Try the Yaris Toyota app which also has a few fun activities. This app is also available for the iPad.

Toyota yaris app iphone

Camry Commute App for iPhone

This Toyota app was a game at one point where you could earn real stuff. The game is over, but you can still collect points for your commute. Compare your commute with your friends on Facebook. I think it would be fun to see how much of your miles and time you spend commuting.

Toyota Camry Commuter app iphone

Backseat Driver iPhone App

This Toyota app is so cool and really not what I expected at all. It is a game which is intended for kids, but I had a lot of fun playing it. Kids drive their virtual car as if they are following behind the Toyota (which the parents are “really” driving.) You collect points as you pass real spots like restaurants, schools, shopping, etc. As you collect more points, you can customize your virtual car.

ToyToyota iphone app game

Toyota Calendar

This is a really graphically pleasing calendar. You can sync it with Google Calendar too.

Toyota calendar iphone app

Toyota 2012 iPhone App

Every year the car companies attend many regional and national auto shows. This Toyota app has all the information about the auto shows and events that Toyota will be attending in 2012.

Toyota iphone app

Toyota Apps for the iPad

toyota apps for ipad

For the iPad, there are Toyota apps for the Yaris, Camry and many for the Prius. Here are the ones that I found the most interesting.

2012 Camry iPad App

You can explore the Camry LE both inside and out and compare it with 4 of it’s competitors.

2012 Camry iPad app

2012 Prius C iPad App

There were 3 or 4 Toyota apps for the different models of the Prius. Here is a screen from the 2012 Prius C app. (Note the orange car!)

2012 prius c ipad app

Prius DriveStyle iPad App

This next Toyota app for the iPad will show you how the Prius Plug-in Hybrid would fit into your life.

Toyota Prius drivestyle ipad appPrius Matchmaker iPad App

This last Toyota app for the iPad will help you choose which of the 4 models of the Prius will best fit your needs.

toyota prius matchmaker ipad app

That is the line-up of the Toyota Apps for the iPad and iPhone. Toyota is definitely satisfying my need for everything tech!!!

Disclosure: This post is written as part of my involvement in TWIN and the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are 100% my own. #ToyotaWomen

Let’s Talk About Toyota Apps!

Did you download any of the above Toyota apps? What are your thoughts on car companies creating apps?